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Cleaning Difficult Bottles with Magnets

Cleaning Difficult Bottles with Magnets
If a bottle has too narrow of a neck or is an unusual shape, then bottle brushes may not be able to reach all the internal surfaces. Also, sometimes no matter how long the bottles soak in water or even with multiple passes through the dishwasher, the inside of the container is still not as clean as you desire.
Here is a difficult bottle cleaning solution that is easy!

Sometimes a wine carafe or a brandy decanter needs some extra cleaning. You need something that does the job well. You do not want to taint the new wine or brandy with some residue from the prior contents of the container.
A two-piece magnetic scrubber can help you to get the inside of your glass container sparkling clean. A magnetic bottle cleaner consists of two pieces. One piece is a handle (so to speak) which remains outside the bottle. This handle controls the movement of the scrubber which is inside the bottle. Both pieces are magnetized.
To clean your glass bottle or carafe, fill it with warm water, and give it a good shake to get most of what’s inside to loosen up and dissolve into the water.
Empty the water. Drop in the magnetic scrubber.
Cleaning Difficult Bottles with MagnetsUse the magnetic handle on the outside of the bottle to attract the internal magnetic scrubber.  Then guide the internal scrubber over any internal surface that still may require some cleaning.
You will be able to see the residue loosening up. When you have loosened up a significant amount then tip the container upside down to remove the magnetic scrubber and rinse out the container with water.
This process may have to be repeated several times for extra tough residues.
From bud vases to brandy decanters, people encounter a variety of narrowed necked vessels that are nearly impossible to clean with a typical sponge or bottle brush.  A magnetic scrubber may be just what you need to clean unusual bottle shapes. Magnetic bottle scrubbers are perfect for long, narrow spaces, such as wine decanters, pitchers, and vases.
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