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Residential & Commercial
Cleaning Services
Serving The Upper Valley Since 1993

Upper Valley Residential Cleaning ServiceA Clean Home is a Happy and Healthy Home!

With everything going on in your life today why not spend the free time you have enjoying your home instead of cleaning it?  Allow the cleaning professionals at A Clean Vision to do the cleaning for you!  We are an Upper Valley cleaning services company. With our systematic approach to cleaning each room in your home you can feel confident that your home will look the way you’ve always wanted it to.  We will even strip and make your beds or clean your refrigerator if you so request.  No cleaning task is too big or too small for the professionals at A Clean Vision.

With allergens and pollutants being a particular concern for many of our clients, especially for those who have pets, our hepa filtered vacuums and micro fiber dust clothes trap and lock in dust, dirt and allergens removing them from your home or office.

Enjoy a clean home by contacting the professionals at A Clean Vision to set up a time for us to meet and go over your cleaning needs and budget.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Keep your carpet and floor looking like new. As an added service, A Clean Vision can provide carpet and floor cleaning at your request for an additional cost based on square footage.

Vacation Rentals and Second Homes

Tired of worrying whether or not your vacation rental will be ready for your next tenants?  Let the cleaning professionals at A Clean Vision lighten your load and take your worry away.  With our many available schedules we can accommodate any home cleaning you may need whether it is a planned, last minute or back to back rentals, you can be assured that we will get your rental in top shape by the time your renters arrive.

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning

A move-in or move-out cleaning includes all tasks we would normally perform plus the following:

  • Clean the inside of all appliances
  • Outside and Inside of all cabinetry cleaned and polished
  • Cobweb removal throughout entire home
  • Fingerprints and smudges removed from all switch plates, woodwork, and door-frames
  • Fixtures within reach (that are properly secured/attached) dusted and cleaned
  • Walls dusted
  • Walls spot checked and cleaned for fingerprints/smudges and debris
  • Railings, Stair Posts, Spindles hand washed
  • Hardwood Stair tops and fronts hand washed
  • Carpeted Stair tops and front hand vacuumed
  • Radiators/Heating Vents dusted/wiped
  • Inside of windows (outside surface too if windows pull in)
  • All baseboards are hand scrubbed versus only being dusted
  • All flooring vacuumed or swept and mopped

For a move-in / move-out cleaning the time it will take cannot be specifcially defined. For a large home we may need to adjust the size of the team. A home that that needs extensive cleaning may also require a larger team.

All appointments are scheduled as an un-timed appointment; which means your team will stay until completion. We clean each room from top to bottom and corner to corner.