Home Fragrance Ideas

Home Fragrace Ideas

Here are some home fragrance ideas that really can be used throughout the year but that many people do associate with autumn.

The fall is wonderful time of year. The air smells fresh and clean. The grocery stores and coffee shops are emphasizing pumpkin-flavored items The days are becoming chilly. To add to the joy of the season many people like to surround themselves with comforting fall fragrances that can also add a bit of warmth to your home.

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Declutter and Destress

A Story . . .

You’re sitting in a coffee shop because you want to be out of the office to focus on a specific item you need to resolve. It is for an important work project. Two people come and sit down at the table next to you. They engage in a not-so-quiet personal conversation about their friend’s romantic antics. Now, instead of focusing on your important work project, you find yourself hearing about someone’s love life — and, in fact, you have to consciously focus on ignoring that conversation to make progress on your project.

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Happiness and a House Cleaning Service

Too busy? We know. Need some help? We can help.

The Benefits of a Clean Home

There are clear health benefits to having a clean home. Here we outline some of the benefits and suggest how we can help.

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Get Your Patio or Deck Ready for Summer!

The weather is now summer-like and it is time to extend your indoor space to your patio, porch, or deck. This means that it is time to clean off the furniture after their hibernation.

In the summer, house cleaning needs to extend to the outdoors and include your patio or deck. The objective is to remove any dust and dirt that may have been deposited, on your patio furniture, over the winter. It is also important to freshen up the the items where people will sit and socialize. If any organizims were also hibernating, on your furniture, over the winter then you will want to remove them before they start to populate in the warmer outdoor summer air.

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Are You Planning to Sell Your Home?

Staging your kitchen

A clean and tidy kitchen will help to sell your home. Moreover, your real estate agent will love you.

Here are 12 ways to prepare your home for sale related to your kitchen.

Please note that a staged kitchen in a house for sale is not a practical kitchen. Realize that staging your home is the first step in letting go. This can be difficult.

It is time to make the shift from thinking about your home as a place you live to seeing it as a property that is about to be sold. Staging, when done well, can help make your home more appealing to buyers and help it sell more quickly. It can also help you to get the best price.

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