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Dust – Let’s Get Rid of It!

Professional Home Cleaning - Dusting Like A Pro

Dust is everywhere and it gets everywhere. It will be on flat surfaces that are high up in a room such as a ceiling fan, light fixtures, moldings, and door frames. Moreover, dust will collect in hard to reach places at the lowest levels of a room such as under the bed and furniture.

Dusting properly is important and first it is important to avoid dusting mistakes so that you minimize the amount of dust and become more efficient at dusting in general.

Here are five common dusting blunders.

Failing to Clean Your Ducts and Replace Your Air Filters

Ducts can be a significant source of dust. This will be particularly true if you have done any home renovation work. Anything that moves air around is also moving dust. Therefore, if you can remove dust from the air then you reduce the amount that is in the air within your home. Consider your heating, air-conditioning, bathroom and kitchen vents.

Having your air ducts clean and your filters replaced is the single biggest way to reduce dust in your home – this would be the ultimate form of dusting.

You can hire a professional who will vacuum your vents out, removing the residual dust in your home.

Forgetting to Change Your Vacuum’s Filters and Bag

I big air mover is your vacuum cleaner. Any vacuuming pushes a large quantity of air. This air could also be pushing a large quantity of dust. Many people know that the best way to dust is from higher levels in a room to lower levels. The lowest level is the floor and cleaning this surface is the job of your vacuum. When you vacuum you are picking up all the dust that may have fallen from the higher levels.

However, if your vacuum bag is full or your filters are not functioning well then, the dust on the floor is pushed back into the room sometimes all the way up to the ceiling where it then settles on all those high surfaces you just dusted. My goodness.

Do not undo your fine dusting by then vacuuming with a full bag and a dirty air filter. When your vacuum bag is half full it is time to replace it so that it is working efficiently and effectively. Inspect filters and wash or replace as necessary.

Not Using a Microfiber Duster

A high-quality microfiber duster will grip the dust and remove it from the surface. A microfiber cloth greatly increases dusting efficiency.

Whatever you do avoid a feather duster. This type of dusting tool is very ineffective and for the most part, only pushes the dust to some other place.

Avoid Dry Dusting

Small particles can easily become airborne and the smaller the dust particle the longer it takes to settle down again on a surface. Spray your microfiber dust cloth with water a dusting spray or polish for best dusting results.

Water works fine but you can enhance things a bit more by making your own dusting spray. Here are the ingredients that further enhance your dusting.

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar (cuts through grease and grime & disinfectants)
  • 2 tsp olive oil (shines and protects wood)
  • 10-15 drops of Lemon essential oil (makes your home smell naturally fresh and clean! – substitute your favorite essential oil.
  • Spray bottle

Since the oil, vinegar and water are in the mix be sure to shake the spray bottle well before spraying your microfiber cloth.

Dusting Without A Proper Method

Start at the top of the room and end at the bottom (vacuuming the floor). This top to bottom approach to dusting is the most effective.

Follow these tips and avoid making dusting blunders and your home will not need to be dusted as often and will smell and feel cleaner. If you need some extra help keeping your home well dusted then give us a call at 802-295-6065. A Clean Vision has been cleaning homes in the Upper Valley since 1993. We are family-owned and operated and take great pride in keeping your home clean and tidy.