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Home Cleaning Tips

House cleaning can feel like a full-time job for any busy professional. No sooner have you finished cleaning one area then you need to tidy up someplace else. You are trying to run a household while participating in many other activities.

Home Cleaning Tips

For example, you may need to:

  • Take the kids to sports practice
  • Prepare dinner
  • Take the dog for a walk

You need to establish a balance. But how?

Here are some tips for maintaining a balance between clean and dirty without spending hours with a scrubbing brush.

Take Something Out, then Put it Away

It can seem like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed how many families don’t follow this rule. If you take Something out, put it away. Parents and children can follow this rule for a clutter-free, tidy home.

There are many ways you can establish this rule in your household. 

For example, children can learn quite quickly that if they want to play with their toys, they must put away anything they are no longer playing with. When they get home from school, school uniforms are hung in their room, and school bags go in a set area. A home can run like a well-oiled machine when everything has its place. A well-oiled “machine” (metaphorically) is a home that does the same thing in the same way, over and over, every day.

Establish house rules so that everyone in the household knows what their responsibilities are. Here are some ideas for simple rules that even young children can follow.

  • If you take something out, put it away.
  • If you drop something, pick it up.
  • If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • If you break something, you need to fix it.
  • If you can’t fix it, then call someone who can.
  • If you take it off, put it away where it belongs!

Daily Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is most people’s least favorite job – and it’s not surprising. After all, who wants to spend their free time scrubbing showers, sinks, and toilets? Cleaning as you go can save a lot of elbow grease.

Sprayed toothpaste on the mirror? Clean it off right away. Smeared soap on the shower glass? Wipe it off with a cloth. Taking care of messes as they happen will mean a far smaller job when you carry out a detailed clean on an infrequent basis.

Dishes After Each Meal

According to many studies, house sizes are getting smaller. New home designs often focus on efficient layouts and energy efficiency. A smaller house may translate into a smaller kitchen and a smaller area to stack dishes.

An excellent way to be more efficient is to ensure that the “machines” operate while you do Something else. For example, when you work, ensure your dishwasher is running to clean your dishes. If you have a dishwasher, stack and set it before you leave for work so you can arrive home to clean dishes and a tidy countertop.

If you want to avoid spending valuable leisure time cleaning endless mountains of plates and cups, then clean as you go. Be strict with yourself and do the dishes after each meal. 

Invest in Storage Solutions

Clutter can offer the illusion of an untidy and even dirty home. When surrounded by mess, it can affect your stress levels and happiness. Use new storage solutions to regain control and maintain your clean versus dirty balance.

Add more shelving to bedrooms, cabinets to central areas, and even storage tubs for the kids’ toys where they play with them the most. When everything has its place, you maintain that sense of order.

Hire a Cleaner

If you feel like you spend half your life cleaning your home, why not hire someone to take care of the hard work for you? When you hire a cleaning company, you get to enjoy the simpler things in life without the hassle and worry about whether you have time to clear the breakfast dishes or scrub the bathroom.

Cleaning is one of those tasks you just can’t avoid. However, there are ways to make it a whole lot easier. Encourage your family to operate under a system that reduces the need to spend time keeping your home clean. Everyone will benefit!

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