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Confessions of a Professional House Cleaner

Tips from a Professional Home Cleaner
These are rules that if not followed make a home harder and more time-consuming to clean. However, A Clean Vision never breaks any of these important home cleaning rules.

Here are tips from a professional home cleaner.

The Top to Bottom Rule

Don’t give into temptation. For many people vacuuming is their favorite activity. They look forward to this so much that they can’t wait and do this first. However, if you dust the shelves or clean the ceiling fan after you have vacuumed then this may result in dust on the floor after you have vacuumed.

If vacuuming is really your favorite then this may have been your plan all along.

We love to vacuum at A Clean Vision but we want to be efficient for you and we always adhere to the top to bottom rule of home cleaning.

Laundry Rule – Always Sort the Laundry

We are sometimes asked to do the laundry and as many people do the laundry themselves we wanted to include this tip.

Sorting counts. Sort by color. Sort by fabric.

For example, have you ever washed lint creators with lint catchers? My goodness! The next time you have some extra time around laundry time wash your towels with some knits or some corduroy items. Point made!
To sort your laundry, in advance, saves time in the end.

Vacuum Cleaning Rule

When moving from carpet to bare floors always turn off the rotating brush. The brush can be helpful when cleaning carpets but for bare floors the brush and scatter dust and dirt. This makes it harder for the vacuum to clean the area.

Efficiency is important when it comes to home cleaning. You want to have a clean home and to achieve this result in the shortest time possible. This is always A Clean Vision’s objective.

Window Cleaning Rule

If you want clean windows and want to prevent streaks and save time then clean your windows on a cool day or early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You want to prevent your cleaning from drying on the glass before you can wipe it away.

If your window cleaner dries, then you will probably also get streaks and will have to start over. Pick a time when each window can be cleaned quickly and without the concern that the cleaner will dry on the surface of the window.

Washing Dishes Rule

This is a simple rule. You don’t have to wash the dishes first before putting them in the dishwasher. It is wise to wipe off some items if they are really coated with something sticky or hard but there is no need to wash your dishes and utensils first.

Tile Cleaning Rule

Always allow tile cleaner some time to do their work. It takes a few extra minutes up-front but you can be cleaning something else while letting the tile cleaner soften and dissolve soap scum and stains. Less scrubbing is required. Overall, the tile cleaning takes less time.

A clean vision has a process which is based on doing a fantastic job in the most efficient manner. This enables use our time more effectively for you which helps to reduce cleaning costs.

The Pet Fur Rule

We love of furry friends but if you have a cat or dog that sheds fur then you can also find yourself staring down at a couch covered with pet fur. You instinctively reach for this sticky paper. But this quickly gets saturated.
A lint roller can be handy for small tasks but not for the couch when it is cover with pet fur. Here is a simple solution. When you need to clean up a pound or two of pet fur use a damp rubber glove. It is both effective and efficient.

The Shoes at the Door Rule

The dirt you track in from outside can really build up over time. If you have carpets then you need to have your carpets cleaned more often – particularly the ones near outside doors. You can cut down, in a very significant way, the amount of dirt being tracked into your home by having family members and even guests remove their shoes and boots at the door.
Another tip is to double up on doormats. Put one outside and add one to the inside as well. Doormats are designed to grab dirt before it can reach the inside of your home.

The Cleaning Tools Rule

Dirty cloths, mops, and a full vacuum cleaner bag don’t work well. if your cleaning tools are dirty then they will slow down the process leading to having a clean and tidy home. If you are doing the cleaning then you will have to work harder.

A Clean Vision always takes care to maintain and clean our tools. You get a better result and we get the job done more efficiently which saves time and saves you money.

A Clean Vision supports homeowners with home cleaning throughout the Upper Valley. You can count on our home cleaning to be effective and efficient. This saves you money and produces a great result.

We can be a part of your home cleaning maintenance to help keep your home organized and clean. Give us a call at 802-295-6065.