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Habits for Success

Humans have very good reasons to imitate the powerful and the successful. We desire power, prestige, and status. We want to be acknowledged, recognized, and praised. This desire may seem to be vain, but the desire is helpful to us in achieving important things in our lives. Historically, a person with more power and prestige gains access to more resources is less concerned with survival, and can even attract a mate more easily. Power and prestige are valuable.

Humans want to fit in but after they ‘fit in’ many look for ways to stand out. They look for ways to increase their power and prestige. This is one reason we pay attention to the habits of highly effective people. In this blog, we have done a review of each of the seven habits describing their value.

Now, consider how the successful conduct themselves.

  • Are they disorganized?
  • When you see them, do they are confused or disheveled?
  • Do they have a messy home or automobile?

The answer to these questions, at least, for the most part, is no. Successful people are organized, present a carefully prepared and well-groomed persona, and operate in clean and wholesome environments.

It is wise for us to imitate the ways of success in the areas of organization, and preparation. Even doing simple things such as keeping our car clean and getting a haircut will help us to achieve higher levels of success. Being organized contributes to a better life.

We recommend avoiding behaviors that will lower your status. Trim your hedges, cut your lawn, and keep your home clean and tidy. Do not be the slob of your neighborhood.

Be the architect of your life. Take back control. You can design your life.

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