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Seven Habits: #6 Synergize

Home Cleaning Synergy

In the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey’s Habit 6 focuses and revolves around synergy. In this blog post, I will be discussing how to create a synergistic environment for home cleaning so that you can have a clean home with the least amount of effort.

To have a synergistic home cleaning approach, you need to create an environment that encourages people’s participation. Sit down with your family; encourage them; discuss what will work best for everybody when it comes to keeping a clean household. You can suggest approaches such as cleaning up one room at a time or a section or area of your home. You may want to suggest splitting up the cleaning duties among everyone in the family and assigning different tasks to each person.

The next step is to set a time limit for people so that they know exactly how much work they have to do. If you are looking at synergizing your home cleaning, try not to include chores such as grocery shopping or laundry since these are tasks done outside the home. However, if it frees up time for someone else then it also could be a synergistic approach to achieving the result you desire – a clean home.

Home Cleaning Habits – Split Up the Cleaning Duties

Synergistic Approach to a Clean Home – Set time limits for each person with different tasks assigned to everyone in the family.

Assign tasks that make sense for the individual.

It is important to remember that a synergistic approach means the best possible solution for all those involved. In other words, you cannot use this at your own convenience and expect to achieve any sort of success if it does not work out well for everyone.

When it comes to home cleaning, synergy can be very beneficial.

If you are looking for ways of streamlining your approach towards cleaning the house, using a synergistic model is one way of doing things. You could also pick out some helpful tips and review them together when discussing how to maintain better habits when it comes to keeping the house clean.

Decide on a task list with specific assignments for how to go about cleaning so that it becomes a routine instead of something done haphazardly or when necessary.

Feel free to evaluate out an approach and then review things after a couple of weeks to see how things are going and to modify and refine the approach to make it better. Don’t give up just because things do not work out perfectly at the beginning. Look for ways to make improvements and get inputs from everyone in a group setting.

A synergistic approach focuses on people working together to achieve success.

Stephen Covey says it best when he states, “The key lies in not what we do so much as how we do it.” It takes work and effort, but the results are worth it as the results will be superior to if the burden of keeping your home clean falls primarily to one person.

In this sixth habit, Covey explains that a path of synergy and cooperation can result in the participants reaping the benefits that come with synergy. Habit Six, of Stephen Covey, stresses that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Here is an excellent example of bringing disparate people together with a synergistic approach to make something very wonderful literally from garbage. The video is a trailer for a longer documentary related to now what is known as the Landfill Harmonic.

We can be more creative and we all can look for ways to synergize. Determination and adversity working together.

This is a link to a longer (11:44) video on the same topic.

Landfill Harmonic – Amazing and Inspirational

This habit will lead us to achieving more rather then less. Whether at home or in the office. Keeping a house clean and organized is not easy. Get the people you share your home with to pitch in. If you need the support of a cleaning company, then consider A Clean Vision. We have been serving the people of the Upper Valley with home cleaning support since 1993.

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