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BNI and Blogging

Don’t miss out on the two big B’s that can help set your business up for success.  Whether you own a start-up or are currently running a well established business that has not been reaching it’s full potential, BNI (Business Networking International) and blogging are two terms that should become a fully utilized part of your arsenal.  

Keep reading to begin to understand why not knowing about these two major, useful business tools may be putting you at a disadvantage in your business ventures.  If you don’t own a business and came to this page for cleaning services, then please keep reading to understand how A Clean Vision doing these two things can also benefit you as a client.

Why is Blogging Important?

  • What do you know?  What you know may not always be readily apparent to others. Clients you have a well established relationship with may not know key points about your business that they could be sharing with others.  This could mean less business opportunities. Blogging can also help you share more about extended parts of your business.  It can become a growing library of things you think about and the services you can provide that will help benefit your clients. This has the added benefit of making you look good in the process, which will certainly bring more business your way.  The best thing is that you already know it, blogging just becomes the tool you use to get you there.
  • I have been there before!  You have been through a lot with your business and others should know of your accomplishments.  Blogging can become a good way to share about what you have done.  This makes you look good and gives you yet another way to show people how you are a cut above the rest in your business sector.
  • Testimonials.  Do you have some great testimonials from clients about your exceptional service? Share and expand upon them in your blog, so other people will know what you did and how you did it.  This will show future clients what you will do for them and the capabilities that you and your business are capable of providing.
  • SEO and Extended Content  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help provide your website with an edge when people are looking for the products and/or services that you provide.  Every blog post you create gives you one more chance to add extended content that will move you up in search, and gives potential clients additional details about your business. Many times it will be something not included or may add extended content to what may already be on one of your main website pages. 

Now a Shift Over to the Importance of Being a Part of Your Local BNI Chapter.

  • I feel all alone  Being a business owner allows you a sense of freedom that may not be possible when working for someone else.  The problem is sometimes is can also lead to a sense of feeling like you are all alone.  Being a part of a BNI chapter allows ample opportunity to talk with a plethora of other business owners to know what you are doing wrong or right. Either way, it with help to grow your business through better business practices and help you to feel like you are not alone in this process.
  • Cold Calls  Tired of cold calling, calling people up and having them not give you the time of day? Well, BNI can help you expand your contact sphere.  Not only will you meet a room of motivated and qualified business owners, but you will have the opportunity to get close to them and know who they know.  The more people you know, the more it will make cold calling a way of the past and the woes that go with it.
  • Authority  You are probably really good at what you do, but how will other people know it? I have already discussed how blogging can aid you in this process (read above), but having local business owners know this too can add additional authority to your business.  Having business owners vouch for the exceptional products and/or services you provide is all a part of being a member of a BNI chapter.

Both BNI and Blogging can make your business look professional by creating authority through expansion of your content and contact sphere.

Because A Clean Vision is a member of a BNI chapter, we have access to many other business owners in the Upper Valley that can benefit you as one of our clients.  If you need a cleaning service we will gladly take care of your cleaning needs,  but what if you need something else?  Ask us!  We can refer you to multiple other high quality service providers in your area, e.g., an electrician, a contractor, a satellite provider, landscaping and plowing, etc.  All the people we know are top providers in their professions.  We think you will be impressed with their professionalism, both in their manner and work quality.  

Complete business with any of our business partners in your local Twin State BNI Chapter and get 10% off of your next cleaning.