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Holiday Cleaning

The holidays have arrived, and that means that holiday cleaning has too!  There is so much going on that sometimes you can feel like you may be in over your head.  You are expecting guests and with that comes planning to make sure that it all comes out right.  

You want to make a successful plan to make sure that all are happy, but you need to make sure that you do not leave out one very important person who needs to be happy too.  That’s right!  I am talking about you!

These are some ways to help you get to that state of euphoria that the holidays promise to provide. It can all be done through careful planning and possibly some help from your local, friendly professional cleaning service to make holiday cleaning a snap.

Simplify your holiday cleaning schedule with our easy tips that you can do, or hire a professional cleaning service to provide.

  • Think Ahead: Begin cleaning before the seasonal rush happens and you get too busy. One option is to break down tasks into manageable sections. It also gives you more time to accomplish long-term projects, like polishing silverware and rearranging furniture.
  • Make a List:  Before you get started, divide chores by room and estimate the time it will take to complete each task.  Then decide if you can squeeze in cleaning during available 15 minute intervals, or if you should set aside a good part of your day to make things right.
  • Finding Time: Set aside a fixed time each day, like right before bed or after your morning coffee, to get things done. You’ll be amazed at how much you can check off your list in about 15 minutes; or, if you have a little more time, in under an hour.
  • Take Shortcuts: If you find yourself short on the time you need to do a thorough cleaning, take a couple of shortcuts to hold you over until you can give those rooms a second look.  Some organization and quick freshening can work wonders.
  • Simplify Your Clutter: Instead of cleaning around everything, just get rid of it. Give yourself ample time per room to decide what to keep and what you could do without, then organize what’s left. To stay in a pattern of keeping your rooms this way, start to implement helpful weekly, monthly and seasonal schedules.

If all this is done and you still feel overwhelmed, then you may need to enlist some help in your holiday cleaning schedule.  A Clean Vision is here to help you with the regular dust and dirt that needs to be eliminated;  but we also perform other tasks to help you through your holiday cleaning. Whether it be setting up a Christmas tree, making beds, or even house sitting because you decided to go away, we can help.  A Clean Vision has your back, if you are staying, going, or just want to enjoy your holidays a little more.  Leave it to us to take care of all your holiday cleaning needs.  

Please contact us, if you are wondering about other services that we may provide that are not mentioned here, but would help you to make your holidays more enjoyable.