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Garage CleaningDeclutter Your Garage Once and For All

The garage is often a dumping ground for whatever doesn’t fit into your house. If your garage needs a serious cleaning and organizing overhaul, then set aside the time. A clean and tidy garage will help you to have a clean and tidy house.

Your garage can be a part of your house that can become cluttered and then avoided. In the extreme, it can be filled with items that sometimes could be thrown out. Sometimes a garage can be in good shape and just needs some organizing.

If we let it get away from us then it can only get worse and the task to clean and organize your garage seems monumental. You will form a mental barrier that works against you. Plan some time to do some organizing and cleaning and don’t be shy about asking for some help!

It can be hard to get motivated to do other home-related tasks when your garage gets too messy and disorganized. Your motivation to rake the leaves decreases if you need to spend 20 minutes looking for the rake. Get organized and motivated by organizing and cleaning your garage.
Here are some ideas:

Get Rid of Stuff

It’s going to be hard to organize your garage if you stash things in your garage that you never use! Hold a garage sale to shed little-used items before you start organizing. Perhaps you can even donate some items to charitable organizations that would need these items you now no longer use.

Step One – Sort & Organize

Sort contents into piles of related items — house maintenance and repair supplies, sports gear, garden tools, holiday decorations, recycling, etc. For items that need to stay in the garage, install shelving and cabinets that will house the items in an organized way.

Step Two – Consolidate

Storing similar items together makes sense and will save you time once everything is organized in this manner. Consolidate and streamline how your garage is organized.

Step Three – Add Storage Options

There are lots of options at various costs for garage shelving. The most crucial point is to provide enough shelving to store your items but to not cover every wall. You want to have space for a workbench and for hanging tools.

Use the Vertical Space
Look for opportunities to place things you don’t need very often up high. Ceiling Hooks can help to really expand storage capacity. Hooks can be perfect for items such as bikes, certain tools and pool cleaning items (poles and hoses).

Go Magnetic!
A magnetic tool bar for the garage can be the same as the one used in your kitchen. Why not use one in the garage?! Instead of digging through a drawer, keep all of those tools (drill bits, screws, wrenches, nails, etc.) an arm’s reach away. The result will be no more digging through a drawer to find what you need!

A Bonus

Wash and Paint the Floor

At this point, if you are excited about how clean your garage is then you can consider washing and then painting the floor. This will make your garage really stand out as one that the owner is truly proud of and that no one will dare clutter.

If you garage is attached to your home then a clean garage floor will help to keep your house clean as well.

Perhaps the biggest impact of a clean and tidy garage is the impact it will have on your mindset. To have a clean and tidy home is more a mindset than anything else. If you put your mind to being organized and clutter free it will happen!

Need Some Help?

If you need some extra help to get started then consider hiring A Clean Vision for your special garage cleaning project. We could help (we would need you to supervise) by adding some muscle and extra hands to getting the job of cleaning your garage done once and for all.

Give us a call at 802-295-6065.