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Keeping Your Home CleanCleaning Habits to Make Your Home Sparkle

Keeping Your Home Clean

Sometimes we have habits that can make things harder for us. However, we can also use habits to our advantage. Here are some home cleaning habits that can help to make your home sparkle.

Habit – noun – an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

Clear and Clean the Counters
Cluttered counters always make a kitchen look messy and may create feelings that overwhelm. If you simply clear any dishes, paper, and clutter from the counters this is a big step towards having a tidy kitchen. Don’t allow a messy state on your counters to linger.

If you tend to have cluttered counters then once and for all get organized. Gather any clutter, put it on the kitchen table and quickly sort, file, and toss or put away what you collected.

Then take your cleared counters to the next level by wiping them clean. Clean and clear counters will inspire you to keep them cleared and clean all the time. You will find it has become a habit!

Scrub the Kitchen Sink
Once you have cleaned and cleared your kitchen counters, take it one step further by giving your sink a nice scrub. Again, don’t allow dishes, pots and pans to pile up in the sink. Having a clean sink helps you to keep everything clean and in order.

Consider doing a daily sink scrub as a habit.

Put Out Fresh Towels
Take a minute to put out fresh towels in the kitchen and bathrooms. This simple task can do wonders to getting you to think “clean”. Fresh towels help to make your home look and feel clean.

Load and Unload the Dishwasher
A key component to keeping dishes off counters is staying ahead of the dish cleaning. An empty and ready dishwasher is the perfect way to start. Empty the dishwasher when it has finished. That way you will never pile up dishes in the sink or on the counter. The can go right into the dishwasher.

Catch Up on Laundry
If you have dirty laundry piling up then think of doing it more frequently. This is a good move as for the most part the machines are working and you can do something else. It is also a good idea to fold the laundry as soon as the dryer has finished. It is easier to fold it and you will get the job done. Don’t let laundry pile up anywhere – even if it is clean.

Plan Ahead
It is always good to plan. This comes to cleaning too. Plan when you will do what. Also, plan to do household tasks in parallel. Make dinner and do a load of laundry; iron some clothes while the dishwasher is running; vacuum a room or fold some clothes while the oven is self-cleaning.

If you need some extra support to help make your home truly sparkle then look to A Clean Vision. We have been helping home owners of the Upper Valley live in sparkling clean homes since 1993.

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