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Cleaning Companies - Size MattersWhat’s The Best Cleaning Company Size for You?

The cleaning service industry is an industry like many other industries. It has a wide array of specific cleaning service companies to choose from whether you are a home owner or a company looking for cleaning services.


Professional cleaning services companies come in all sizes shapes and colors. When you are considering a cleaning service company it will be worth your while to consider the size of the company as one of the criteria before making your selection. You will want to select a company that is the proper size to meet your needs.


In the Upper Valley there are single person cleaning services to big national chains and many other options which are in between these two extremes.


What does size mean to you?


One-Person or Small Cleaning Companies


A small company may be flexible for certain situations and much less flexible for others. Where they are flexible is that if it is a one person operation then they make the rules and they do not have to conform to any “company” rules or standards. Where a small company is less flexible is in handling bigger jobs or if there is a need for a large effort in a very small time frame. A small operation can be a good fit for smaller commercial buildings and if they keep their client list short then they will be able to handle their home cleaning schedule as well.


A smaller company may not stay up to speed on new cleaning products and methods and may not invest in cleaning equipment that enables them to do a better job or to be more efficient. A small company also may not be aware of regulatory changes or may overlook regulatory changes.


One other point to make about a small company is their longevity. Make sure that you are not selecting a cleaning service that may be here today and gone tomorrow. It is in your best interest to select a cleaning company that has an established business with many years of experience.


Mid-Sized Local Cleaning Companies


Now let’s examine a mid-sized Company. I will also include another qualifier and define the mid-sized company as local – meaning not part of a large national chain. A Clean Vision is a cleaning company in this category so keep in mind that I am a bit biased.


Cleaning companies in this category can be considered flexible and capable. Along with commercial office cleaning, this category can offer other services that go beyond the basic cleaning services.

A mid-sized cleaning company has the following benefits:


  • Use modern, sophisticated cleaning equipment
  • Have the flexibility of more employees
  • Offer commercial cleaning services for small and large facilities
  • May include light maintenance services
  • Have the ability to respond to emergencies


In addition, because this mid-sized type of cleaning company is also local (by my definition) they work hard to protect their reputation in the community. They tend to provide more attentive service because it’s in their best interest to keep the company’s reputation in good standing as they realize that they have no national brand recognition. It is their local reputation that counts.


With a mid-sized local company (not part of a national chain) you get the attention of a smaller cleaning company and the resources of a large national commercial cleaning service.


Large National or Regional Cleaning Company Chains


Sometimes these companies are referred to as “big old dinosaurs” because they are the giants of the industry. Due to their massive size they can handle the biggest accounts. The obvious disadvantage to these huge companies is the bureaucracy and red-tape that is a result of their large-scale operation.


Moreover, they can tend to prioritize their larger accounts. If your cleaning needs do not mesh with a big client budget then your needs may be put on the back burner. This is not the best situation for you if you are not a high priority for them.




When it comes to selecting a cleaning service company realize that size matters.


Choose a cleaning company with the proper level of resources for you and one that is still personal and makes your needs their top priority.