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Cleaning Service Impact - A Clean VisionCleaning Service Price and Value

Price and value do not always correlate. In addition, budgets are important and it is always a good idea to maximize the impact of your investments. This is true when it comes to maximizing the impact of your cleaning budget.


Here are some tips to get the most out of your cleaning service budget.


It is wise and good money management to periodically look at the value that your cleaning service provider offers. Your cleaning service provider has an impact on many factors associated with how you feel in your home or place of work. You will want to maximize the positive impact that this service provides. Moreover, your cleaning service can also impact security costs, utilities costs, repair and maintenance costs and administrative costs.


Maintenance and Safety


At A Clean Vision, we want to mesh with you, your home or your place of work, so we can help you reduce repairs and maintenance. You can also explore with us whether we can assist with light duty maintenance such as changing out light bulbs and unclogging toilets. In addition, we can help you by being a cleaning service that reports any issues before they turn into disasters, such as spotting leaks before they turn into major water damage and reporting any unsafe conditions before they injure or harm building occupants. A Clean Vision is proactive about items such as this and this helps you to receive maximum value.


Sensitive Clutter


A cleaning service for an office environment will have a tougher time cleaning desks effectively if desks are cluttered. To maximize the cleaning effort explain to employees to keep their desks organized and as clutter free as possible. Remind everyone to put away folders and to lock up private data in filing cabinets before they go home from work.


This is not making an inference that cleaners are not to be trusted, but it is a safe procedure to get into for everybody. If there is sensitive information, then it is a good practice to limit access to it. Keep in mind, the key point here is that they should consider doing a bit of a tidy up of their desks before leaving for the day. To have a tidy desk makes the job of the cleaning crew more efficient and we can then apply our cleaning effort to where it matters the most.




Today, many offices have recycling containers so make sure all of your employees recycle where suitable. Mark the bins in your office space properly so that all staff knows which ones are for which things. It is important to label everything correctly for employees and cleaning company, so when things are recycled or thrown away that they end up in the right spot.  Sensitive disposables like bio-hazard and sensitive office materials should always be properly labeled as to not lead to any confusion or harm in the disposal process. 


Carpet Vacuuming


Carpets should be vacuumed with each cleaning and at A Clean Vision we pay special attention to areas underneath desks and tables, and around trash cans where crumbs and debris can accumulate throughout the workday.


Your office carpets will need to be professionally cleaned to keep them looking good. A professional carpet cleaning will help to extend the life of your carpet and return their appearance to like new condition. At A Clean Vision, we monitor the status and condition of your carpets and will recommend when a professional carpet cleaning is needed. This helps to maximize the look of your carpets, extends their life and enhances the overall appearance of the area.


Cleaning Schedule


Keeping a strict schedule for deep cleaning allows most companies to maintain an excellent image that you can reinforce with lighter weekly cleanings. While businesses such as daycare facilities and dental offices should have daily cleanings, workplaces with light traffic can maximize the impact of a deep cleaning with lower-cost weekly cleaning maintenance.


Therefore, to maximize the impact of your cleaning budget it is important to have a proper cleaning schedule. A Clean Vision will monitor how often an area has to be cleaned to ensure it looks and feels proper and we will work with you to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning schedule.


Help by Setting the Priorities


If you have decided to pay as an hourly client for cleaning services then get the most for your money by defining a priority list. If we have your priority list then we will focus on the areas that are most important to you.


Maximize the Impact of Our Cleaning Time


Some of our clients want their houses cleaned from top to bottom. Others are more interested in having their cleaners focus on the more vigorous work, like cleaning a bathroom or the kitchen. In either case, you can maximize the impact of your cleaning service if you pick up clothes, books and other clutter lying around your home. This will allow us to spend more time focusing on the more difficult areas, where we can have a greater impact. Also, your home will certainly look cleaner if it is less cluttered.


Provide Feedback


Do you love the way we cleaned something? Let us know, and we will take note to ensure that you receive the same focused cleaning treatment next time. Did we happen to miss something? Tell us that too and we will be able to make notes for future cleanings to ensure that everything is completed correctly.


To provide feedback will help us tailor your cleaning to match your specific needs. Moreover, good communication is the key to good relationships and so we encourage our clients to speak with us if there are specific changes needed for any particular cleaning session.


A Thank You for Impact


A Clean Vision has a great deal of pride in providing a high quality cleaning service to every client. Everyone likes to be appreciated, so if you appreciate the work that A Clean Vision does then a little note of thanks every now and then makes everyone feel good. A “Thank You” also increases the impact of the times when you may have to let us know that we missed a spot.


If you want to learn more about the cleaning services of A Clean Vision then give as a call at 802-295-6065.