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Cleaning Your Home for Guests

Clean Your Entryway

Make a good first impression!

The front porch and steps are the first things guests will see, so grab a broom and clear them of debris and cobwebs. Knock cobwebs off the door jamb and the light fixtures.

Clean Your Entryway


Doormats do a lot of dirty work. They collect unwanted debris and halt mud at the door. Doormats can quickly become one of the dirtiest places in the home. If you don’t clean them regularly, you’ll be tracking the same dirt in and out of the house each time you walk over them.

Start by lifting the mat on both ends, carrying it into your yard, and shaking it out. Next, vacuum the mat and its surrounding floor space before returning it.

Pick Up and Organize Your Entryway or Mudroom

Start with your entryway to ensure a tidy, welcoming space greets guests.

Remove clutter near the door and allow guests to kick off shoes and hang up coats. Use a vacuum or broom to sweep the floor, or, at the very least, take rugs outside to shake out loose dirt, dust, and debris.

Straighten the entryway and coat closet. Make room for guests’ outerwear. Consider moving your family’s outerwear to another closet or temporary storage until after the party.

If necessary, add extra hangers for guests. Clear away backpacks, briefcases, shoes, scarves, gloves, sports equipment, and other items typically left in the entryway. A laundry basket can be a convenient temporary container.

Tidy Up the Kitchen

If your gathering involves food, guests may end up in the kitchen at some point.

Put away any dishes in the sink and clear unnecessary items off the countertop to instantly create the impression of a cleaner kitchen. Vacuum or sweep any noticeable crumbs on the floor and wipe down the counters with a damp microfiber cloth or cleaning wipe.

Empty recycling containers into outdoor bins or take material to be recycled to the recycling facilities.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Don’t get caught up on rooms guests won’t even see. Now is not the time to clear out the closet.

Remove Clutter

Mail, bags, old magazines, empty cups — anything that doesn’t have an immediate purpose should be put away (even if it needs to be stuffed in the junk drawer temporarily).

Again, use laundry baskets as organizing tools. Label a basket for each member of your family. Drop the items into the owner’s basket as you clear clutter from your living spaces. Ask each family member to put away the items in his or her basket.

Make Space for Guests

Clear an area for guests to lay their bags and hang coats. If you have overnight guests, make sure they have a spot to hang wet towels and keep their toiletries.

Speed-Clean the Guest Bathroom

Take a few minutes to clean the bathroom guests are likely to use.

To save time, apply toilet bowl cleaner first, then start on other surfaces while it sanitizes.

Use a glass cleaner to remove smudges and water spots from the mirror, and wipe down the countertops and sink using an all-purpose cleaner. A damp microfiber cloth can also work if you’re really in a hurry. Once the other surfaces are clean, grab the toilet brush, scrub the bowl quickly, and flush.

Lastly, fresh hand towels should be put out, and the bathroom should have plenty of soap and toilet paper.


Do a final declutter. By now, it shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

Get your favorite smell going, whether it’s a scented candle, spices in water on the stove, or essential oils.

Cleaning Your Home for GuestsSome Things to Avoid

Avoid Bulk Shopping

We’re not judging all those Costco runs but maybe think twice before packing that shopping cart to the max. Hold off on those super-duper giant-size jars—at least for right now. Bulk items will clutter closets and your refrigerator when you need that space. Save that purchase of a 10-pound roll of paper towels for a later trip to the big box store.

Avoid Overlooking the Refrigerator

Along those same lines, reduce items in your fridge. “You will need room in your refrigerator for what you bake, make, or need to store for your party. Clear out half-empty jars of condiments or outdated, crusted-over items you will never use.

Wipe down shelves and make sure there’s open space. That’ll also help avoid awkward encounters with guests who bring food, which can cause you to try to make room by hauling out outdated jars that should not have been there in the first place.

Avoid Not Asking for Help

Your family members would likely be happy to pitch in, but they may need you to be specific about what they can do. Too often, we get frustrated that others don’t offer to help us. But remember that they may not know what you want them to do. Ask a family member to do something specific. “Will you vacuum the living room for me?” is more specific than ‘Can you help me clean?’”

If you need some extra professional cleaning help, count on A Clean Vision. Call us at 802-295-6065 if you live in the Upper Valley and need extra cleaning help as you prepare your home for your guests. We have been providing Upper Valley homeowners with top-notch home cleaning services since 1993.