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Home Decluttering TipsOops . . . I Just Decluttered My Bathroom . . . by Accident!

Decluttering Tips from A Clean Vision

Decluttering your home is probably the single biggest thing you can do to have an impact on creating a tidy and organized home environment.

However, most people struggle with decluttering.

When I start to think about what makes for a clean and tidy home I think of things such as:

  • Fresh
  • Spic & Span
  • Gleaming
  • Organized

However, when I really think about how to make a home look clean and organized I feel it all comes down to the home being clutter free. To have a clutter-free home is not easy. If you live with others, then something you view as clutter may be essential to someone else. Even you may have some trouble making the hard decision as to what to keep and what needs to go.

Moreover, you want your home to have a nice comfortable lived-in feeling. You do not want your home to be absolutely clutter-free but you want it to look nice and organized. You want your home to be attractive and comfortable.

Therefore, what it all comes down to is that to have a clean, organized home – that is still comfortable – you need to spend some time thinking about what you need and what you don’t and then to push through with a decluttering plan.

Decluttering has the biggest impact on whether your home is comfortable yet clean and organized.

Decluttering May Be Daunting

However, what if I tell you that by asking 2 questions you will be well on your way towards your objective of having a well-organized and clean and tidy home. Here are 2 questions for people that are tidy and organized by nature but that have let things get away from them. These are two questions for normal people who live their lives and want their home to be a comfortable place to live.

The two questions are:

If I needed this item, where would you look for it? Then, take it there.
If you needed this item, would it ever occur to you that you already have one? If not, then get rid of it because you will just buy a new one if you need it.

These two questions will help you significantly. These two questions won’t be definitive for every single item of clutter but I will suggest that it will make a big dent and perhaps as big as a 75% dent in things that seem to just clutter up your home.

Have you ever looked into a drawer-full, or a closet-full, or a room-full of stuff and then feel overwhelmed? Perhaps you could take care of the big stuff, but when it got down to those potentially useful items, you became stuck. All the “what ifs” would flood your mind and it was hard to let go of things. We’ve all been there.

Use these two questions to get rid of 75%+ of the clutter and you will feel better and your home will feel more comfortable and look significantly better. It will also be easier to clean as clutter gets in the way at cleaning time.

I don’t want to come across as a decluttering expert. There are experts that can really get your home to essentially be 100% clutter-free. However, if you can make a major dent in the clutter then this is very valuable.

A Decluttered Home
Once you have made major inroads into decluttering and now are seeking some support for your regular home cleaning chores give A Clean Vision a call at 802-295-6065 or you may use our online home cleaning contact form.

We want to help you to have a home that is organized, clean and comfortable.