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Cleaning A Messy House - Upper Valley Home CleaningCleaning A Messy House

We are motivated to achieve a task when we understand it well and can see how to accomplish it and that it is achievable.
How do we apply this to cleaning our house?
First, make the steps smaller. Clean one room or area at a time. Break the overall task into simpler more manageable steps and have a simple plan for each.

For example, tackle one room at a time. Define what needs to be done (even write it down checklist fashion) and then cross off each item on the list as it is accomplished. There is a psychological boost to achieving small accomplishments that help you see results and increase the motivation to achieve even more.

Avoid Home Cleaning ProcrastinationThere is a book with the title “Eat That Frog“. It outlines tips for avoiding procrastination and helps you to get started and to achieve results.
The title is based on the idea that you tackle the biggest thing first and get this out of the way. Successful home cleaning may mean doing the messiest room or area first so that this weight is lifted off you and everything else has a feeling of being easy (or at least easier).

View this Book on Amazon – Tips in this book will help you with your house cleaning even though the book is not about house cleaning.

Start with the hardest room first. Get that sense of accomplishment. After the hardest part of the house is clean and tidy it’s all downhill from there!
Keep using this “hardest room first” mentality to work through each room in your house. This will keep adding accomplishments (and weights being lifted) adding more to the momentum as you accomplish more and more. A clean house is clearly in sight!

Here are three tips that will help you with your home cleaning efforts.

Tip 1: Stay in One Room Until It’s Done
Do not bounce from room to room to room. Even if you must put something from the room you’re in into a different room, DO NOT stop and suddenly start cleaning up this new room. This will make more “projects” for yourself and you run the risk of feeling overwhelmed. Stay focused on the room you’re in until it’s complete. Also, this helps your brain register more accomplishments and gives more motivation to continue.

Tip 2: Close Off Room That Are Done (if possible)
No, you don’t have to tell people they can’t use the bathroom or keep your kids from being in their own room. However, as much as possible, don’t use that room unless completely necessary until the house is done. Yes, we have to live in our homes, but at least getting the cleaning completely DONE (so you feel a sense of accomplishment) is important. You do not want to feel that the room you just cleaned needs cleaning again. This creates a morale-killing, energy-depleting effect.

Tip 3: Use a Trash Can
If you literally have to clean up trash, then take a big trash can around the house with you while you clean. Having a large trash can (that has a bag in it) with you while you go around from room to room makes picking up a snap since you can simply leave it in one spot as you toss trash in it while you work. This frees up both hands and you work more quickly.

If you need some expert help with your home cleaning then A Clean Vision is here to help. We enjoy home cleaning and enjoy even more to see a messy disorganized home transform into a clean, tidy and wonderful place to live. If you are in need of a home cleaning service in the Hanover-Lebanon area then give as a call at 802-295-6065.