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How to hire a home cleaning service.Hiring A House Cleaning Service

The 10 Essential Requirements

To allow someone to enter your home for the purpose of cleaning is a very big deal. Here are 10 essential items to consider when hiring a house cleaning service.

1. Make Your  List
Decide what areas of your home need to be cleaned before choosing a cleaning service. You may decide that there are rooms that are off-limits or specific areas that are vitally important to be cleaned. What if you always want your windows to be cleaned and the company you are thinking about does not do windows.

The first step is for you to be clear on what you want.

Make your list of cleaning requirements as this will help you to narrow down the list of candidates as some may not offer the range of services you require.

2. Referrals
Ask family, friends or neighbors for referrals. Many customers may be happy to share a positive experience with you and even happier to share a bad experience. Reputation counts and a cleaning company that realizes the value of referrals will be a better company to select.

Also, be sure to check out their website. Is it professional and well organized.

It is also wise to check reviews – for example on Facebook.

3. Protection
Make sure you are protected. Eliminate any companies that are not bonded and insured. Should any accidents happen during cleaning or any theft occur while the service is there a bonded and insured service will take responsibility. If you choose a service that doesn’t have bonding and insurance in place then the responsibility will be yours as the homeowner.

4. Employees
Dig in a bit on their employees. Ask if their employees are legal residents and ask what type of background checks they have gone through prior to being hired. A top level cleaning company will be proud to answer these questions.

In addition, it is worth knowing how they train new employees. The turnover rate can be high in the home cleaning industry so you will want to select a cleaning company that has a well defined training approach.

5. Consultation
Ask all potential cleaning services for a free consultation. This usually involves having a representative come to your home to review the work to be done and to discuss their price for the cleaning work. Be skeptical or even eliminate a company that isn’t willing to offer this because you both should be aware of what is expected before the job begins.

6. Fees
Choose a company that offers a set fee for the cleaning work you want. Do not agree to a per-hour charge without a cap. If you fall into this, you run the risk of the cleaning service working at a slower pace to collect a bigger paycheck.

A Clean Vision will match your needs with a set fee for the services performed.

7. Compare Properly
Avoid letting the “cheapest price” be your determining factor. If one cleaning service is significantly less expensive than others, there is a reason why. Be wary of a deal that’s too good to be true and investigate fully. The lower fee may be associated with some sort of shortcut or the company may have a bad reputation. Do a proper comparison before making a commitment.

Consider the age of the business, the quality of the free the consultation and their professionalism. The cheapest may be far from the best. To have the best job with the fewest issues is very valuable.

8. Cleaning Products
Ask what kind of chemicals the service uses during its cleaning process. If you have children, pets or allergies, knowing what’s in the cleaning products is essential. If the company refuses to tell you or doesn’t seem to know (or care) or if it uses cleaning agents with toxic ingredients you may want to choose another cleaning service.

9. A Guarantee
Choose a cleaning service that provides a guarantee of your satisfaction. Services that take pride in their offerings will make sure you are happy and will insure that any issues you have are addressed promptly.

10. Communication
A good cleaning company communicates well. A good cleaning company will also listen carefully to any issue you may have. If they have pride in their work then what you communicate to them will be very important to them.

Your job is to explain how you would prefer things to be done and ask if this is manageable. Observe to see how they process your preferences. Do they listen carefully? Do they take notes?

If you have hired them and there is an issue that you have communicated watch to see if the performance improves. If there is no performance improvement or if the cleaner doesn’t agree with your request then it might be time to part ways and find someone who is more sensitive and a better fit in with your needs.

Therefore, during the entire selection process communicate well and look for good communication skills from any potential cleaning company. If you do end up moving on from your first choice then the good communication you maintained throughout the selection process will enable you to contact your second choice with confidence.

We hope you will consider A Clean Vision when you will be deciding upon your home cleaning service. Give us a call at 802-295-6065 or you may contact us using our online form.