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We Don’t Do Lawns but We Know Someone That Does
At A Clean Vision, we pride ourselves on doing the best job we can for our customers. However, we also realize that we cannot do everything. That is where the size of our network comes into action so that if we cannot get the job done then we probably know someone that can.
Networking is a big and important part of our job. We strongly believe that it makes us a more successful cleaning company as it enables us to help more people in more ways. Some of our networking connections also make us better at what we do as we learn more about what it takes to run a successful cleaning business. Networking also helps us to be more creative in coming up with solutions and support for our customers.
There has been a great deal of research that clearly shows that the more connected a person or business is the more successful that person or business is. MIT researchers, in a study at IBM found that the more connected an employee was the better they performed.
At A Clean Vision, we work to creating meaningful connections that can help our customers and we work to maintain them as well. We look for ways to expand and enhance our connections so that we can help our customers solve their problems.
Here is an example. We do regular cleaning in a home that has a very nice fireplace. We notice that in the colder months when the fireplace is being used that there is some black soot in the cracks in between some of the stonework on the fireplace. We always clean this but also made the home owner aware of this. We did more than this and suggested a chimney cleaning service that also can do chimney inspection and repair. It turned out that the chimney needed to be repaired and our recommendation resulted in the perfect solution.
A Clean Vision values the connections we have established and we do not focus solely on “business” but rather on relationships. We realize the need for relationships in the Upper Valley community and value the connections we now have and seek to build more and better connections to better support our customers.
Therefore, we can say that we don’t do lawns but we know someone that does!