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Home Cleaning - Things You May Never Clean Some Things You Never Clean

But A Clean Vision Does

A Clean Vision takes great pride in home cleaning and this means cleaning all areas of your home. We come into your home to make your job easier and your home cleaner.
Vacuuming is certainly already part of any cleaning routine. We have special tools to reach under most furniture and use extension wands and brush attachments for getting to those really hard-to-reach areas.
Refrigerators have flexible rubber gaskets around the door, and these can collect dust, dirt and grease. A Clean Vision cleans the refrigerator gasket of your refrigerator to remove any grime. We clean it effectively as to make it last longer, smell, and look better.
The tops of doors and window frames are places that accumulate dust and dirt. We use a microfiber duster to remove the dust buildup and then wipe with a soft cloth and plain water to keep those surfaces clean.
Many homes have heat registers in the floors or along the baseboards and these collect dust, hair, and dirt, which in turn circulate throughout the house when the heat is on. Regular cleaning can cut down on airborne irritants. We can carefully remove the register cover and vacuum thoroughly, and then wipe it down with a moist cleaning cloth.
Even if your door knobs and light switches don’t look dirty, they probably are. A Clean Vision uses an antibacterial cleaner and then we finish up with a soft microfiber cloth.
You clean your dishes but do you ever clean your dish drying rack. We will spend some time each cleaning visit to also make sure your drying rack and drip tray is also spic and span.
We also find that few people clean their microwave oven. When people put something in the microwave and then allow it to overheat the inside of your microwave can be coated with dried food. Even if the surface is not noticeably coated with small particles of food there can still be a film on the inside surfaces. This occurs when the food is placed in the microwave in an open container. A Clean Vision will make sure there is a regular cleaning of the inside of your microwave oven.
These are some of the common items or surfaces that we see rarely cleaned (if at all). A Clean Vision will have your house cleaner than ever by making sure the items in your home that are hard to clean are regularly serviced.