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The Art of Home CleaningHome Cleaning is an Art

Once your home is organized and uncluttered the part of maintaining a clean home is relatively easy. Here is some advice on home cleaning related to decluttering and home cleaning maintenance.
The key factor when your home starts to become cluttered is that once it starts it seems to never stop – it often gets more and more cluttered. If it is uncluttered to begin with then the opposite is true – it is significantly more likely to remain uncluttered.
This article starts with the idea that cleaning a home (perhaps a lost art) starts with a decluttered and organized home. Once decluttered then to maintain a clean home is easier.

Part One – Declutter and Organize

Here are ideas to help you get started with the decluttering process – essential for a clean and tidy home.
1. Start With Something Small – Anything
At the outset, adjust your focus on one small, solvable clutter problem. Clear one counter, declutter one shelf, or bring order to a single drawer. Select a cluttered area or item that nags at you daily.
Beginning your war against clutter with a small success provides motivation for the long haul.
2. Be Steady – Form New Habits
Just as clutter arises gradually, over time, so it must be decluttered with a steady effort. You don’t need to get everything decluttered all at once. Work with steady resolve. Defeating clutter requires building new habits, applying new organizational methods, and creating new household routines.
Resist the temptation to go all-out in a frantic short-term burst against clutter. Like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the declutter race.
3. Schedule Time to Declutter
Even if you only schedule 15 minutes a day then this will be a good start. Once you start you will gain momentum.
Scheduling declutter sessions brings the goal of having a decluttered home into your real-life daily schedule. I know from my own experience that if it is not scheduled then the chance that it will get done is low. Strengthen motivation by creating a time to decluter into your schedule and fully embrace the goal of a clutter-free home.
4. Maintain a Clutter-Free Environment
Focus on stuff-related (stuff that can become clutter) household activities to get a handle on the clutter process. Create good habits to end the tendency to create clutter.
For example, establish a “returning home” clutter-free habit or routine. As you shut the door, hang the car keys on a hook just above the light switch. Remove your jacket two steps inside the house and hang it on the coat rack. Place your purse or briefcase in the proper pre-determined area.
When you bring in the mail it needs to be placed in its new clutter-preventing place. There is no more throwing it on the counter . . . or the table in the foyer . . . or on the dining room table. Perhaps you form a new habit where you sort your mail over a trash can, dump the junk mail and file everything that needs to be filed in a new organization system.
Habits, once adopted, kick in to prevent clutter. Prevent clutter in the first place with proper clutter-free habits. Define clutter-busting habits as you declutter.

Part Two – We Do The Cleaning – You Do The Enjoying!

We’re not just cleaning your house – we’re caring for your home and providing you more time to enjoy it. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and one more thing to enjoy. Add joy to your life.
Many people cannot seem to find the time to clean their home during the week. This means that they set aside time on the weekend to do the cleaning. You work hard all week and the weekend needs to be a time when you can relax and enjoy. Do not load up your weekend with cleaning chores and cleaning to-do lists. Let A Clean Vision take care of your home cleaning for you.
If you go through a process to declutter your home (Part One above) then the detail cleaning we provide will be easier and faster – this saves you money!
Come home to a home each day that is clean and organized. This adds to your satisfaction with your living environment. You do not have to worry about spending leisure time trying to catch up on housework. You can also feel good knowing your home was cleaned by an environmentally-conscious company with your health and well-being in mind.
We individualize our cleaning services to match the needs of you and your home. We have extensive experience having cleaned 1,000’s of homes in the Upper Valley area. We have been in the business of cleaning homes since 1993 (more than 20 years!). Keeping a home clean has many aspects to it and A Clean Vision does not have a long list of things that we don’t do.
Please call us today for a free walk-through and home cleaning estimate.  We can help you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally, or even just occasionally for a special event.
The cost of cleaning your home will be determined by the number of rooms you want to have cleaned and the overall condition and organization of your home. It never takes much to get an estimate and if you can do a bit of decluttering and organizing then you may be pleasantly surprised by the cost to have a clean and tidy home.
Tell A Clean Vision what you want and we will do our best to meet your needs.