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Home Cleaning - The Perfect GiftHow to Buy the Perfect Gift!

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Is gift buying overwhelming for you?  Do you feel as if your gifts lack the value and thoughtfulness they should?  Buying the right gift is simpler than you think. The number one rule to buying the perfect gift is to listen. Planning is a close second.
One mistake people make is trying to follow the Golden Rule when buying gifts.  Buying something “you would like” for someone else is not always the best idea.  You need to listen to the person you are thinking about. This way you will gain special insights into a thoughtful gift for them.
Also think “outside the box” when trying to buy that perfect gift.  Instead of just focusing on “things” for a gift how about giving a “feeling” or giving “time”?  In today’s stressful environment where work takes up so much of our lives “relaxation” may be the perfect gift.  How often has someone you know well complained about not having enough time to relax?  With a full day of work, afterschool activities, making dinner or other household chores to fill a day . . . relaxation often takes a back seat.
Sure you can buy the gift recipient or loved one a day at the spa or a massage certificate but how about something that they can enjoy right at home.  Wouldn’t it be nice for your special gift recipient to walk in the door to a home that is clean and tidy? Imagine their joy when they walk into their home that smells fresh and looks fantastic!
A Clean Vision is an Upper Valley home cleaning company that would love to help you make this holiday and gift-giving season extra special.  We can clean the entire house or just that one bathroom that your loved one finds disturbing to clean. Our services are very flexible and we will work with you and the gift recipient to define a schedule to fit their calendar.
We make house cleaning stress free. Our service is dependable, professional, we use environmentally friendly products. A perfect gift may be a one-time clean or perhaps you want to provide a gift that provides our cleaning service for multiple months – now that’s real special!  Call us today for a discussion on how to provide the perfect home cleaning gift for a special person in your life.
By the way, if you have that special professional or have a special business relationship and you want to show appreciation for them we have a similar gift program for office cleaning. Show how much you value your business relationships and to do something a bit different that will be memorable. Give us a call and we will help you plan this perfect gift to show your appreciation for that remarkable business relationship.
What to know:

  • This offer is only available in the Upper Valley area.
  • We will work with you to define an appropriate time or schedule for any cleaning gift.
  • Gifts can be either one time or multiple visits. We do require a 2 hour minimum purchase.
  • Gifts can be for either home cleaning or office cleaning (or both!).
  • A gift could be purchased for carpet cleaning.
  • We do not cover window cleaning.