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Six Ways A Professional Home Cleaning Service Can Save You MoneyProfessional Home Cleaning

Saving Money

Here are six ways you can save money by using a home cleaning service. A Clean Vision wants to help you to have a clean, tidy and organized home and we want you to also realize some cost savings.

Here are some ways that using a professional home cleaning service can save you money and more.

Increase Your Income (While Someone Else Cleans)
Hiring a housecleaner means you’ll spend less time cleaning. If you use this time to earn money and you earn more per hour than the house cleaning service charges you then it makes sense to have a house cleaning service do the cleaning work.

Many of our home cleaning clients spend an average of about $210 for a deep cleaning of their house – scheduled when they need it – and $105 for housecleaning every other week.

Do Other Important Things

You don’t necessarily have to spend your time working to save money when hiring a house cleaning service. Spending more time on other aspects of home life (making repairs or cooking better by making more nutritious meals) could also save you money and give you a better outlook on life and a significant feeling of accomplishment.

Spend Less on Cleaning Supplies (This is a direct money-saver!)
A Clean Vision uses top-performing cleaning products which means you do not have to purchase many home cleaning supplies. The cost of everything from bleach and floor cleaner to sprays and mops can be significant. You also have to find a good way to store these items.

Let us take the burden off of you and reduce the cost of purchasing and storing cleaning products.

Have a Smoothly Running Home
An efficient and smoothly running home is priceless. A clean home can also save you money. Remember that your time is worth money. If you operate efficiently, you will get your tasks done more quickly and easily – this saves you money.

Reduce House Cleaning Stress
Outsourcing the housework will also reduce your stress. Cleaning the house is a huge burden on many of us.

Without that additional stress, you’ll be more relaxed to take on your day with enthusiasm. That can mean doing a better job at work or more efficiency at your home office. It is hard to put a dollar amount on “less stress” but we all realize that less stress is very valuable.

Receive a Discount
Give referrals and ask us for a discount – A Clean Vision will provide a discount on the cleaning services we offer to you when you provide a referral to us.

If you like what we do then let others know, but also ask us for the referral discount so that we can show our appreciation for the referral.