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Home Cleaning - Cost SavingsHow Maintenance Cleaning Can Save You Money

Outsourcing in the Upper Valley


Outsourcing your house cleaning with a regular cleaning schedule can save you money in multiple ways.

Here are four reasons that may help you to make a decision about outsourcing your home cleaning if you live in the Upper Valley.


Reason #1 – Regular Maintenance


Just like most things that require maintenance the cleaning of your home is no different. Of course you could ignore the cleaning task and this would save you money but you would not have a clean home. A more organized and clean home saves you time and aggravation.

This savings in time and the reduction in the aggravation you have with a clean home instead of a disorganized and untidy home can be translated into money. Only you can define how valuable this is to you and your family.


Reason #2 – No Conflicts


If there are multiple people living in the same home many times there is a difference of opinion (sometimes strongly held) about what constitutes a clean house. This difference of opinion can result in conflicts. Conflicts are wasteful of time and energy.

A clean house reduces the chance that a conflict will occur and this can also be translated into a cost savings. There is no need to have a fight over the mess in the house if your house is cleaned on a regular schedule. This type of savings is immeasurable.


Reason #3 – Do What You Do Best


Do what you do best! If you have a business then you need to focus on your business. Pay someone to clean your home on a regular basis and do more of what you do to put more money in your bank account. Of course, if you make less than you would pay your house cleaner then this will not make sense and you should clean your house yourself to save money. However, if your make more than your house cleaner then it makes all the sense in the world to have your home cleaned on a regular schedule.


Also, do not let guilt creep into your decision on this topic. Spend your time at home in other ways than cleaning.


Don’t feel guilty about hiring someone to do what you can do yourself. You hire someone to do what you can do on many occasions. You hire someone to cook your food at a restaurant or grow your food or even to knit a hat when you buy one at the store. You can cook; you can grow food; you may even be able to knit.


You choose to pay someone else to do these tasks rather than do them yourself. The same is true for the cleaning of your house.


Don’t feel guilty and do what you do best. The will help you make more money, which can lead to saving more money.


Reason #4 – Outsourcing Saves You Money


Out-sourcing saves you money (and I am not talking about out-sourcing to China). Think about it. If your take a close look at our economy, even our local Upper Valley economy, then you realize that at some level there is a very significant amount of outsourcing going on and this is saving people money.


Here is an example. You love to grow your own fruits and vegetables and you have two apple trees that produce wonderful apples. You enjoy picking the apples and you enjoy canning applesauce. In fact, you are quite good at this due to the passion you have for it. Someone else might think canning applesauce in a hot kitchen sounds like pure drudgery; they’ll outsource the task and get their jar of applesauce at the store. No one gives that a second thought, but there are a lot of outsourced laborers between the apple tree and that jar in the store. It is a decision that you can make about what to outsource – do what you love to do at home and outsource cleaning the house. This will save you much more than money.


In my mind, the bottom line is that everyone outsources. It is a rare person that grows, harvests and processes their own food. It is rare for a person to make their own clothes from fibers they have produced and spun. Few people build their own home. Seldom do we see someone who creates their own power sources. Essentially no one is completely independent from the long chain of people in the manufacturing economy. You’re paying other people to do that which you do not want to do, don’t want to make time to do, or lack the skills to do.


In the modern word, specialization is the norm. Specialization saves you and everyone else a great deal of money.




In conclusion, there are many ways that having your home cleaned on a regular schedule will save you money and in fact much more than money. A Clean Vision is a reliable and dependable Upper Valley Cleaning company and we can work with you to define a regular home cleaning program that is perfectly suited to your needs and budget.

Give us a call to learn more.