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Selecting A Home Cleaning ServiceA common approach to selecting a home cleaning service is to request bids from two or more home cleaning service providers. Each submits a price and proposal and you – the home owner – select the winner.
In many cases, the home owner selects the lowest bidder. However, in some instances it may be wiser to choose another bidder – one that is not the lowest.
It may be wiser to select one of the middle bids or even a top bid if you believe you will get better quality, a better cleaning schedule or perhaps a better overall experience based on what you learn from talking with references and your own gut instincts. 
Your goal in selecting a cleaning company should be to find the lowest bidder that you trust will do the job to your standards. Remember, the bid price is sometimes only part of the overall cost. The actual money you will pay is important but should not be your sole criteria.
Other factors may include:

  • Ease of billing
  • Straightforwardness of making adjustments
  • Flexibility of schedule
  • Ability to help with special cleaning needs

Who Should Bid?

First, get some word-of-mouth referrals. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals they think would be a good fit for you and your home. Presumably, they will recommend someone they know, like and trust. You can find other home cleaning service providers by doing an Internet search. A reputable company will have a well set up website which can provide other useful insights. Also, check out the websites of the companies which come as referrals. It often pays to do a bit more homework even on the companies that have been referred.

Soliciting Bids

It’s in everyone’s interests to get apples-to-apples bids so there are no misunderstandings and disputes down the line about what was or was not included in the bid. To avoid problems, it’s critical to start out with a list of your requirements (the scope of work). Make sure that each cleaning company you request a bid from receives the same list of requirements from you.
Let each company know when they have to respond and let each one know when a decision will be made.

The Interview

It is wise to conduct an interview. There are some extra questions that should be asked that can make you feel more (or less) comfortable with a particular company.
Ask if they carry insurance. This means adequate liability insurance, not a bond. Ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate.
Ask whether company employees or independent contractors will clean your home.
Be sure to gain an understanding about their pre-employment screening. For example do they perform criminal background checks on all employees prior to hiring them?
Learn about how they train their employees. A reputable cleaning company will have a formal training program.
Determine if they have a satisfaction guarantee and how any issues with the cleaning will be resolved.
If they are a member of ARCSI then ask them to explain what this will mean to you – the home owner. If you are hiring and dealing with an ARCSI member you should feel confident that you are dealing with a dedicated home cleaning professional that is committed to providing a valuable service based on strong business ethics and high service standards.
Below is a table that can help you to understand value rather than cost. A Clean Vision strives to provide high to super value when we clean a home.
How to Select a Housecleaning Service
Once you have completed your homework by selecting a proper sample of companies to bid and you covered certain intangibles with a well designed interview then you are ready to make a final decision. You can make your decision with confidence knowing that you have done your homework and that the price is only one criterion in the decision-making process.
Contact A Clean Vision if your have any questions about how to select a housecleaning service. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with our insights.