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Carpet CleaningFive Important Factors for Selecting a Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Satisfaction Starts with Selection of the Carpet Cleaning Company

To select a professional carpet cleaning company you should go well beyond conducting an Internet search or worse — opening the phone book and picking one based on the display ads. 

Your carpets are expensive. They are also a major factor in making your home or office environment look good, feel clean and be favorable to your health.

You need to hire an experienced professional carpet cleaning service that will do the job right. The following guidelines will help you hire a high performance carpet cleaning company.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

If you want your carpets cleaned then you have several options related to the cleaning method. Some companies use a wet cleaning method that has a significant drying time, while others may use a “dry” treatment system which you can walk on as soon as the cleaning is finished. Some treatments use powerful cleaning chemicals, while others rely on the power of steam, or environmentally friendly cleaning products.

You want to choose a company that offers the treatment method that works best for your home and family.

Interview the carpet cleaning companies to learn which method and carpet cleaning approach they recommend and let them make a case for the approach they will use.

In addition, if they use a wet cleaning approach then will they use fans to help speed up the drying process? This may be another consideration when making your final decision.

Research Carpet Cleaning Companies

It’s important to investigate all prospective companies before making a decision. Talk with your friends and family. When doing an Internet search look for reviews. Google, for example, will now post reviews in the search results.

Look over their website. Do they have sufficient information on carpet cleaning?  Is their website professional and up to date? If they don’t take care of the details on their website, then they probably will not take care of details when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

Once you’ve settled on the top two or three, ask for references.  This way you can find out if previous customers were satisfied with the carpet cleaner’s work.

Avoid the Lowest Carpet Cleaning Price Option

Of course you want to save money — this is important, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, the company with the lowest price may not be the best choice. Sometimes, these companies offer a low price simply to get a foot in the door. They are trained to up sell you on additional carpet cleaning services and the final price is not nearly as low as the original. As much as possible, try to compare carpet cleaning options on an even comparison basis.

Ultimately you want to make your decision based on quality and recommendations first and to consider price as a secondary factor.

Ask About Carpet Cleaning Details

The advertised price you see when shopping for carpet cleaning companies is typically just a base price. Extra services will cost more, and you need to know what these other costs might be. You will also need to justify any additional cost based on the advantages to you.

As you call carpet companies, ask what is included in the quoted price.

  • Will they move furniture for you?
  • Will they clean high-traffic areas?
  • Does it cost extra to clean stairs?
  • Will there be extra fees to remove stains?
  • What if a stain reappears after the cleaning – will they make another trip to clean the stain a 2nd time?
  • Do they offer a customer satisfaction guarantee?

These are the type of questions you should ask before making a decision.

Ask About Their Employee Hiring Process

When you hire a carpet cleaner, you’re letting strangers into your home. Make sure you hire a company that screens its employees and conducts background checks. A quality carpet cleaning company should take responsibility for its employees and make amends if the carpet or your belongings are damaged during the cleaning process.

If they are a high performance carpet cleaning company they will want to protect their reputation and do what it takes to ensure that you are satisfied. By going through these five factors to select your carpet cleaning company you will be able to make a better decision.