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Most people want a clean, tidy, and organized home. I admit that some people may debate the value of a clean and organized home. Also, some may not be willing to make the investment in a clean and organized home. This post is not really for those who debate the value or for those who do not want to make the commitment to a clean and tidy home.

This post is for those who desire a clean home but do not want to do the cleaning.
You can think of having a clean and organized home as an investment. You may invest your time and do it all yourself – which is commendable. Another consideration is that you can also invest in having others – and I do not necessarily mean other humans – do the work for you.

Here are some ideas for products (or a service) that can do your home cleaning for you. You can now find bots to mop your floors, clean your showers, and even bots to unclog your roof gutters. This post will stick to the inside of your home and will cover vacuums, floor mopping, and a robotic kitty litter box.

Robot Home Cleaning Vacuums

No discussion of home cleaning robots would be complete without discussing a vacuum. One very advanced and well-thought-out robot vacuum is the laser-guided Neato Botvac. It is an advancement over the well-advertised Roomba.
The Neato features:

  • Three high-performance filters
  • A side brush to clean near walls
  • A 2.96-cup-capacity bin (larger than the Roomba)
  • A magnetic boundary strip (which it will not cross)
  • A stair sensor
  • A 1-hour cleaning time (on a 2-hour charge)

Check out this demo video – it is quite amazing.

It may not be as powerful as a human controlled vacuum used by a professional cleaning company but it can be a nice tool to clean-up your floors in between cleaning sessions of your regular cleaning professional.

I want to note one very important cleaning factor which is vacuum air flow. Vacuum power can be expressed in cubic feet per minute of air flow (CFM). This is the most important indicator of the cleaning “power” of a vacuum. This performance factor shows why robots which are small and need to dedicate space to the robot features do not have the power of human-controlled vacuums.

For comparison, here are some numbers for air flow expressed in cubic feet per minute for 4 types of vacuums.

  • Rumba: 6 CFM
  • Neato: 12 CFM
  • Typical Home Vacuum: 35 CFM
  • Typical Commercial Grade Vacuum: greater than 100 CFM

Therefore, advanced robot home cleaning vacuums work well but cannot do as good a job at vacuuming up the dirt in your home as a home vacuum and have a small fraction of the pick-up power of a commercial grade vacuum.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Bot

Home Cleaning Bot for MoppingRobot vacuums are great if you have a lot of carpeting in your house. But if you have hardwood floors you may want to consider a hard-surface floor cleaner like the iRobot Braava 380t.

It has both a wet mopping and dry mopping mode and works with both microfiber cleaning cloths ($19.99 for a 3 pack at the time of this writing) or the disposable type you can get at the supermarket. It’s approved for tile, vinyl, hardwood and laminate floors, and is great for families with shedding pets.

The Braava’s internal navigation system helps it keep track of where it’s been and where it needs to go.

It can:

  • Clean under furniture
  • Includes soft bumpers to keep it from doing damage if it happens to have a collision
  • Has Sensors to keep it from careening down stairs or getting caught up in your area rug
  • Will follow walls and clean your baseboards
  • Dry clean for up to 4 hours
  • Wet mop up to 2.5 hours

This robot again cannot match the cleaning power of a human but for regular cleaning when your floors are not too dirty then this robot can help.

Robotic Litter Box

Cleaning the litter box is one of the least desirable home cleaning tasks.
However, with the Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, it doesn’t have to be. When your cat enters the private globe litter chamber, it starts a 7-minute timer. Once the timer is up, a cleaning cycle begins. Rather than use a traditional scooping rake, the Litter Robot instead rotates itself, sifting out clumps and depositing them into a drawer you line with a standard kitchen garbage bag.

What a great idea!

These are all handy tools. They help you to have a clean and tidy home. You can invest in these robot tools and they will help.

Home Cleaning without Lifting a Finger

If you need a bit more support than these robots can provide then let A Clean Vision help you to have the clean and tidy home of your dreams. If you are a gadget person then you can do both. Use a robot to take care of the easier to clean items and A Clean Vision to make it really sparkle.

Be realistic about how much time you want to take out of your weekend, and outsource the rest to a robot or to a professional cleaning service.

Give A Clean Vision a call at 802-295-6065. We can provide you with superior home cleaning support even if you do use cleaning robots in your home. Our objective is for you to have a clean and tidy home without lifting a finger.