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Dusting Furniture

Dusting our furniture is an important task that many of us know we should do, but do not take the time to accomplish.  Cleaning, in general, tends to be one of tasks many of our customers leave as one of their last priorities.  That is why they enlist our services to perform the task.  This does not mean that they do not think it is important.  It is just after a hard day of work and other “have to dos”, they do not want to come home and yet take on one more additional task.  This being said, dusting is not a task that should be ignored in your household.  It can lead to problems that may not have crossed your mind. 

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Cleaning and Moving

You can depend on A Clean Vision when you are moving in, moving out, and moving on.  We do cleaning jobs that are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.  What some people do not know is that we love to do one-time cleans as well.  Moving in or moving out of a new home requires a lot of extra time in our lives that, sometimes, we just do not have at that moment.  Between work, kids, pets, and other life tasks moving can put the time that we each have at our disposal to the test.  Sometimes when we run out of this precious time, we need help.  That is where A Clean Vision specializes.  We would like to give you more time as to make your move as stress free as possible by putting that time you are missing back on the clock.  

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