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bathroom-cleaning-for-kds-1Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

(for the Kids – but it works for adults too!)

Sometimes you can get quite a bit done and have it done properly if you work from a list. The list idea can be presented to your children whether boys or girls (it does actually work for boys). The list can help you to get more done as you bring in the support of others. It also helps you to have it done properly as the checklist is a step-by-step approach that ensures things are done in the proper way.

What am I referring to? What is the magical list that helps you to get more done and done properly? Why of course it is the bathroom cleaning checklist.

This is a printable (see below), focused list that is a detailed “how to” clean the bathroom – the bathrooms of your house. It is wonderful for children as it can teach them about a process and how getting things done sometimes means doing things in order. It helps them to learn how to follow instructions.

You will not forget something if it is on the cleaning list.

When children are ready to help cleaning the bathrooms they have already encountered some level of school and they have been in settings where they have had to listen and then follow instructions. This ability to pay attention, focus and then follow instructions is an important lesson to learn.

To get help from your young humans with tasks which contribute to a cleaner more organized home is valuable. Show them how to learn and follow a process and help them to develop into fine adults and get a clean bathroom too!

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