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The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning Habit 1

Empower Yourself – Step by Step

Stephen R. Covey emphasizes a return to principles or values to achieve change in our lives. The seven habits are a step-by-step model that empowers you to make decisions and act rather than reacting to events around you.

The “habits” are effective because they have strong connections to emotional intelligence and put a powerful emphasis on the importance of self-awareness.

Stephen Covey referred to “private victory”, which related to personal change. Covey stressed that we need to master ourselves before we can extend success to things beyond ourselves.

Cleaning your Home – Be Proactive!

You are the one responsible. You have a responsibility. A proactive person decides how to handle any situation. Realize that you are not forced by some nebulous external force to have an untidy home. You can choose. You can make your home a sparkling and clean home environment. It’s your decision!

People who do not see themselves as responsible sometimes blame others for their situation. They are victims without the ability to make proactive decisions on their own. However, this victimhood approach prevents you from being proactive about your situation. If you desire a clean and tidy home, then do not view yourself as a victim but rather be bold and proactive.

You can:

  • Devise a plan
  • Create a home cleaning team
  • Set assignments for other members in a team approach

Circle of Concern & Circle of Influence

Stephen Covey explained in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People a concept known as the Circle of Concern and the Circle of Influence. Covey explained that highly effective proactive people focus their attention where it counts. Using this concept, you would focus your attention inside the circle of influence.

You may be concerned about things outside of this circle, but you will be much less effective as you have no influence in this larger circle.

Home Cleaning Habit 1

Suppose you focus more on your circle of concern and not on what you can influence. In other words you will be much less effective. Moreover, in addition to being less effective you are inadvertently supporting a thought process that makes you a “victim”.

You may feel you cannot keep your home clean because:

  • Their behavior is the reason or . . .
  • The economy is preventing me from having a clean home or . . .
  • Once the weather improves, I can get organized or . . . (fill in the blank _________)

OK, these may be valid factors, but focusing on these and not on what you can do limits or reduces your ability to make a positive change. Be proactive. Focus on what you can do to move in the right direction.

One item may be to ask for some help. You may want to have a professional home cleaning service get you started and to take care of the more significant or more mundane cleaning tasks. Even this one simple step – to contact a home cleaning service – would make a big difference. Because then you can focus on the next big home cleaning step to reach the goal – a clean and tidy home!

Be Proactive

If you do need some help with cleaning your home or office, give us a call at 802-295-6065. We can relieve the stress of cleaning, save you some time and help to make your home or office a more pleasant place to be.