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Upper Valley Cleaning MythsUpper Valley Cleaning Myths

We’ve all heard our fair share of cleaning myths over the years.  Myths can come from people we know well or they can be passed around like “old wives tales” and live on as myths just by being retold and passed along.

These myths may come in the form of tips – it could be a tip from your best friend who swears by her special DIY shower cleaner. It could be a tip from the woman down the street who insists that you can’t clean a bathroom without using bleach.

A Clean Vision always does research on cleaning products and methods. We use cleaning products and methods that will do a good job and that are proper for you and your home.

Here are 5 cleaning myths where you can press the “delete” button. We provide cleaning services for the Upper Valley and there are plenty of Upper Valley cleaning myths.

Here are the five that we hear most often and our response.
Cleaning Myth #1: Product X is the only cleaning product that you will ever need.

Usually it’s bleach, vinegar, or baking soda, but at some point in time someone has probably told you that something was the be-all end-all of cleaning. Put simply, this isn’t true. There is no such thing as one product that can safely and properly clean everything.

Myth #2: Mixing cleaning products increases the cleaning power.

Mixing cleaning products can be a dangerous game and it may not result in a better cleaning solution. Never mix acidic products with alkali products, even if the two products are all-natural.

The best policy – and the one we have at A Clean Vision – is to never to mix products together.

Myth #3: If it smells good, then it must be clean.

We often associate a fresh scent with cleanliness. However, the lovely smell could just be covering up an underlying odor-causing problem.

Moreover, there may be plenty of chemicals lurking in the ingredient list of cleaning agents that create the lovely scents. The Upper Valley cleaning service of A Clean Vision focuses on the removal of the dirt, grime or stain and sanitation instead of focusing on providing a fresh scent. With A Clean Vision it will smell clean because it is clean!

Myth #4: The advertisement for a cleaning products that say “all-natural” or “non-toxic” may not always be 100% accurate.

In our work cleaning homes and offices in the Upper Valley, we have the chance to review and evaluate many cleaning products. We always perform an evaluation before using a cleaning product in a client’s home or office.

A little-known fact about cleaning product labels is that they aren’t formally regulated. This means that a product label could have a picture of a clear mountain stream and field of wild flowers, and the word “natural” strewn across the top, and still contain harmful chemicals.  When it comes to cleaning product ingredients, we do research to make sure it is the type of product we can safely and properly use in your home or office.

If you use our Upper Valley cleaning service count on us to do the research so you don’t have to.

Myth #5: When it comes to cleaning products, more is better.

Believe it or not, using too much soap or cleaning solution can actually counteract the cleaning effort. Moreover, too much of a solution is harder and more time consuming to thoroughly rinse. If not properly rinsed, then a buildup may be the result. A buildup may actually attract dirt.

The Upper Valley cleaning service of A Clean Vision always makes sure that the product instructions are carefully followed. We mix only the recommended amount of cleaning product or detergent.

Cleaning homes is our passion. We are a family owned and operated Upper Valley Cleaning service and proud of what we do. Give us a call at 802-295-6065 or use our online form. We will be happy to stop by and discuss your cleaning needs.