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Upper Valley Cleaning - Satisfy the Neat Freak3 Reason Why an Upper Valley Cleaning Service Makes Sense

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Everyone should be a bit frugal but the question may arise – frugal about what? You could be frugal with your praise of others – if they deserve praise then this is not so good. You could be frugal with your money – this is wise.

You could be frugal with your time – this is important – and time will be the focus of this post.

Being frugal about your time may mean it makes great sense to hire an Upper Valley cleaning service. It’s worth it to pay for housekeeping if you view your time as valuable.

Here’s why.

Spending Time with The Family

Like most people who work and have families, I place an extremely high premium on my time with my family. My time seems very limited these days. I work on my cool projects early in the morning and late at night when my little ones are asleep. Every weekend, I spend close to 15 hours working while my wife watches our children.

If I can find a way to increase my free time I ask the question – do I want to snuggle up with my little humans and read a story to them or go and scrub the toilets? I always come up with the same answer – no scrubbing involved.

My time with my family is valuable and if this is true for you too then this can be your number one reason why hiring an Upper Valley cleaning service makes total sense.

Your Partner Is A Neat Freak!

I’m not trying to call anyone out but there is a person in my home who really values – freakishly values – an environment that is squeaky clean. My wife and I both participate in cleaning during the day, but I have been known (in the opinion of someone) to be a bit more lax when it comes to toys on the floor than she is.

Now you might think that anyone can clean and this is generally true. Moreover, I am a professional cleaner and I make sure that everything will be spic and span in the home of a client. However, at home sometimes – just sometimes – the “neat freak” can lovingly point out a thing or two (or three) that may be out of place.

My wife cleans so fast and does everything perfectly. She has all the toys in place in a blink of an eye. She also manages to wipe down the fronts of the cabinets and dust the pictures hanging on the walls. She really deep cleans the home so that it’s sanitary which is important when you have little ones crawling around on the floor.

The point is that you may be able to clean your home. But would it be done as effectively and efficiently as a professional home cleaner?

To satisfy the neat freak you may want to hire a professional cleaning service. Let them know that there is a neat freak in the house.

Earning Power

Do you earn more cleaning your home or doing what you do professionally?

Let’s consider using an Upper Valley cleaning service versus you doing the scrubbing and cleaning.

Your cleaning service comes twice a month and cleans for four hours each time. That’s eight hours of your month that is now yours for you to use. In fact, it’s probably more than eight hours because a professional home cleaning service may be more effective and efficient than you.

Let’s use a ratio of 1.5 for efficiency. This means that what the home cleaning service does in 8 hours would take  you 12 hours. That’s now approximately 12 hours every month that you can save. If you value your time at $100/hour that’s $1200 you could earn.

In conclusion, what is more valuable: your time snuggling with your little ones, satisfying the neat freak or the $240 paid to the Upper Valley cleaning service versus $1,200 you could be earning?

Consider giving A Clean Vision a call at 802-295-6065 or use our online form. You will come out ahead in these three important areas and you will also have a clean home!