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Carpet Cleaning Preparation ChecklistUpper Valley Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Preparation

A Clean Vision has specialized equipment for cleaning carpets. This is one of the items that differentiates us from other cleaning companies in the Upper Valley.

Here are some things you can do – before we arrive at your home – to streamline the cleaning of your carpets. With these simple things done, in advance, the carpet cleaning work will be done more quickly and help us to achieve the best result for you.

To have your carpets cleaned is a smart decision. Carpet cleaning improves the look, smell, feel and longevity of your carpets.

Once our Upper Valley carpet cleaning service arrives at your home, we will do all the work.

However, there are five easy things you can do before we arrive to ensure the most efficient and effective cleaning of your carpets.

1. Clear Your Carpeted Areas
The first thing that you should do is to clear the carpeted area as much as possible.  Things such as lamps, plants, tables and chairs cover the areas of the carpet that need cleaning. The more of your carpet that is clear, the easier it will be for us to move the bigger and heavier things.

We will let you know in advance what types of furniture we move. If something is very heavy and bulky then we may need to provide some extra support. There may be an extra fee for moving very heavy items and we will let you know in advance. There will not be any surprises for you.
In addition to clearing as much as the carpet area as possible, we also recommend that you remove any extremely fragile items from the carpeted area.

We always take great care throughout your home and this extra precaution with very fragile items puts everyone’s mind at ease.

2. Inspect Your Carpets
Once you’ve cleared the carpeted areas, you should do an inspection of your carpet. We will inspect your carpet when we arrive at your home, but it’s extremely useful for you to do your own inspection first.

Take a walk around, and look closely. Pay special attention to the areas that were hidden by furniture. Note the locations of the spots and stains. If you can remember what caused the stain, then note that too as it will give us a better chance to remove it. Also take note of the high traffic areas on your carpet and the traffic pattern in your home.

After you have completed your inspection you will be better prepared to give us a tour high-lighting the problem areas. You should point out the spots and stains so that we can treat them prior to the full carpet cleaning.

It is also useful to explain which areas of your home get the most traffic.
This will familiarize us with any unique challenges related to the cleaning of your carpet and enables us to do the best job for you.

3. Plan for Your Pets
Your pets are part of your family and we realize this. Let us know in advance that you have a cute puppy or a wonderful kitten. That way we can come prepared with our high-performance cleaning solutions for treating pet-related soils. We may even bring a treat for your little darlings as we love pets too.

Once we have greeted your friendly pets it will be time to put them in a secure area where there is no carpet. You will need to keep your pets out of the carpeted areas until after the carpets are fully dry.

Make sure your pets will have access to food, water and the outdoors from this location. If you have a pet gate, then this is the time to put it in place. If you do not have one, then consider borrowing a gate from friends or neighbors. You can also ask a friend or family member to take your pets on a brief play date.

4. Make Room in Your Driveway
It’s very helpful if we can park in your driveway so we are close to your home. By parking in your driveway all of our carpet cleaning equipment is close and this allows us to do the cleaning faster and efficiently.

We want to clean your carpets as quickly as we can for the best results for you with the least impact on you.

5. Prepare Your Family
When we have completed the carpet cleaning your carpets will still be a little damp. We will have extracted most of the water and will run drying fans upon request but your carpets will still need some time to fully dry.

We will let you know how much additional time is needed to have the carpets fully dry. We will also give you some tips on what you can do to increase the airflow around your carpets to encourage faster drying.

You should make a plan in advance for how you and your family (and your pets) will stay off of your carpets until they are fully dry. For example, make sure your computer is in the kitchen instead of the living room. Perhaps plan a family night out for dinner and a movie. Maybe it would even be a good time to take the kids to the park, take the dog for a longer walk than usual, or go on an evening hike.

To do these simple things before we arrive will make the carpet cleaning both more efficient and effective. It will be worry-free for you and you’ll be able to fully enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets.

Look to A Clean Vision for carpet cleaning services in the Upper Valley. We will be happy to come by to provide you with an estimate. Call us a 802-295-6065 or use our online form.