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17TH NOV 2017

Home Air Quality - Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers – Our Take Air Purifiers have received a great deal of hype in the…

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17TH OCT 2017

Your Home and Your Pets

Tips for Cleaning Pet Stains It seems so much easier to take your pet for a…

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20TH SEP 2017

The Tipping Point and Home Cleaning

Tipping Point - noun The tipping point is that critical point in a situation, process, or…

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18TH AUG 2017

Inside Tips from a Professional Home Cleaner

Confessions of a Professional House Cleaner These are rules that if not followed make a home…

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21ST JUL 2017

Decluttering Your Home

Your Home is a Place to Live Home Cleaning and Decluttering A study conducted by UCLA-affiliated…

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