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A clean home helps move things in your life in the right direction. It helps you to feel more in control, more relaxed, more organized, and will also make you more productive.

Think about how you feel when you come home after a long day at work and your house is disorganized. You go to your kitchen to prepare a meal for dinner and the sink is filled with dirty dishes. This does not brighten your mood. In fact, it does the opposite. A messy and disorganized house can disturb you and bring you down.

Conversely, after a long, hard day, coming home to a clean and tidy home can really elevate your mood and help you to feel relaxed. What is it about a fresh, clean home that just makes you feel good? How do you keep up on housework to maintain that “tidy home, tidy mind” feeling?

Here are some tips . . .

Don’t Try to Be Perfect

There are perils to striving for perfection. Being described as a perfectionist often carries a positive connotation. It implies high standards and keen attention to detail. If you are the carrier of that title, you may be paying a high price. Perfection is often coupled with a strong tendency to obsess over things and be overly compulsive. This can be unproductive, frustrating, and often unhealthy.

Perfectionism and a pursuit of excellence are not the same things. Having high standards is fine. Note that studies show that a perfectionist often has a hard time establishing clear goals. Perfectionists are too hard on themselves. They can be unforgiving. A perfectionist can get bogged down with perfection and therefore may procrastinate. This leads to higher stress. Realize that clean does not mean perfectly clean. Improvement is valuable to your happiness even if the pinnacle of perfection is not reached.

The Little Things Count

Don’t weigh yourself down with cleaning and organizing. This will make this important aspect of your life seem overwhelming. Making the task of organizing and cleaning monumental will not contribute to your happiness and wellbeing. Instead, look for little things that can be accomplished quickly and easily. The “little” things are generally not difficult . . . they just take a little extra time and require just a little extra effort.

Organized the mudroom . . . clear that shelf . . . always empty the sink and keep it clean. These are small tasks that move you in the right direction.

Do three little things each day that help you to have a more organized home and before you know it you will feel more organized and you can build off that feeling.


We all have many items on our to-do list. When you have a multitude of things to do then it is necessary to prioritize and determine which goals are the most important and why. Doing so helps you to maintain a clear focus on reaching the most important goals first and taking the steps to ensure that you do.

When it comes to home cleaning and organizing prioritization will help you to achieve cleaning and organizing objectives more quickly and help you to feel better more quickly and easily.

First, take the time to examine the key areas of your home that bother you. Prioritize the areas based on what bothers you the most. Focus on this list. Plan to work on the list every day – even if for just a short time (5 or 10 minutes) each day. You will make progress!

Consider Aromatherapy

A clean home smells clean and aromatherapy goes beyond smelling clean.

Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Some people also refer to aromatherapy as essential oil therapy. Breathing in the scent of essential oils activates the brain’s limbic system, which, among other functions, controls your emotions. You can apply essential oils using tools such as an aromatherapy lamp, nebulizer or diffuser, or by simply diluting the oil in a room spritzer solution.

Used in a home environment aromatherapy can:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety
  • Fight bacteria, virus, or fungus
  • Help to boost your immunity

There’s plenty of information available online and in books if you wish to apply aromatherapy at home. There are also courses you can take to learn more about aromatherapy. It is worth looking into this to make your home as pleasant as it can be. It can help to boost your happiness.

Use Some Help

We all need some help from time to time. If you need some help to clean the bathroom or dust the high places in your home to make things extra clean and to remove the burden from doing this yourself then a professional cleaning company can help.

You have multiple reasons to have a clean and organized home. Maybe your spouse is a neat freak and is often complaining about your untidy ways. Or maybe your in-laws often visit, and a cleaning service can curb the subtle (but hurtful) remarks.

Using professional cleaning help will help everyone to get along. This is above and beyond all the nice feelings that a clean home will bring.

Moreover, if you are the type of person that knows you need to clean, and you shower yourself with feelings of guilt when you don’t then you need to consider a cleaning service. Reduce feelings of guilt and boost your happiness!

Bonus Tip – Ensure Your Relaxation Space is Clean

Many of us have a special place in our home where we like to relax. It may be a room. Perhaps it is a chair with its side table. Whatever or wherever it is it is a good practice to ensure that it is kept clean and organized. This is a place where its main purpose is to help you to relax and enjoy your environment. If this place is disorganized and messy then you cannot fully achieve the happiness this place is intended to provide.

Consider making this place a top priority for your cleaning and organizing efforts.

Home Cleaning Service

If you need some help with the cleaning of your home counts on us. A Clean Vision has been serving homeowners with our home cleaning service of the Upper Valley since 1993.