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Air Purifiers – Our Take

Indoor Air QualityAir Purifiers have received a great deal of hype in the past few years. They do provide another level of cleaning for your home as the air in your home has to be clean for your home to really be clean.

Also, to have the air cleaned means that the other surfaces in your home will be cleaner as well. Much of the dust that collects on surfaces is transported there via the air in your home.
Here is our advice on how to improve the quality of your indoor air and our take on home air cleaners and purifiers.

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Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air QualityClean Carpets Translate into Cleaner Indoor Air

A Clean Vision Carpet Cleaning Services

Few people would equate clean carpets with cleaner indoor air, but it certainly can help. It’s actually gravity and the trapping of particles that has the positive affect on your indoor air quality.

When you clean the carpets it removes what has been trapped inside them and keeps the air clean. Therefore, gravity, carpets and carpet cleaning have a very positive affect on the end result of your indoor air quality.

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