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Reduce Dust In Your Home - Six Tips6 Tips to Manage Dust in the Home

Reduce Dust In Your Home

Small dust, larger than 10 microns, makes up more than 90 percent of the weight of common household dust. This has been studied by scientists. Really small dust, less than 10 microns – which is essentially invisible to humans – doesn’t weigh much. However, when the small dust and the really small dust are added together the combined total make up 99 percent of all dust particles in your home.

No one wants a dusty home. Here are six tips to reduce dust in your home.

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Home CleaningTeaching Kids to Clean

Home Cleaning Tips and Advice

You may think that being a father and one of the owners of a professional home cleaning services that my little ones would be naturally-born cleaners. Alas, it’s not true. However, since I am so involved in making sure a home is clean and tidy it made some sense for me to do a bit of teaching – teaching my children to help with the cleaning of our home.
Here was my approach.

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Cleaning A Messy House - Upper Valley Home CleaningCleaning A Messy House

We are motivated to achieve a task when we understand it well and can see how to accomplish it and that it is achievable.
How do we apply this to cleaning our house?

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Your home may feel more like a home but too much clutter is never a good thing.How Much Clutter Can You Handle?

It’s Hard To Keep a Home Clean when It’s Cluttered

Some people call it clutter, others may refer to it as stuff and technically it is everything that you think you need but really don’t need.

Here is my perspective on clutter – it is not necessarily how to organize your stuff, but, rather, figuring out how much stuff you can personally handle or need. The amount of stuff is different for everyone and may even change over the course of a person’s life.

However, habits are habits and to take a hard look at all the stuff in your life/home is an important step to putting your house in order.

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