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Upper Valley Home CleaningUpper Valley Home Cleaning

When you really get down to it there are multiple layers to a clean and organized house. I typically think of 3 distinct layers.

There is the base layer, then the organization layer and then the sparkling clean layer – this layer is the ultimate – the pinnacle – it is what we all strive for if a clean and organized home is our goal.

In my opinion, a clean and organized house is the most comfortable. Things are in their place. You don’t spend time looking for things that have been misplaced. You don’t care when people just drop by for a chat or a cup of coffee and it is still a home you can relax in and enjoy.

Let’s break down the individual layers.

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Upper Valley Cleaning MythsUpper Valley Cleaning Myths

We’ve all heard our fair share of cleaning myths over the years.  Myths can come from people we know well or they can be passed around like “old wives tales” and live on as myths just by being retold and passed along.

These myths may come in the form of tips – it could be a tip from your best friend who swears by her special DIY shower cleaner. It could be a tip from the woman down the street who insists that you can’t clean a bathroom without using bleach.

A Clean Vision always does research on cleaning products and methods. We use cleaning products and methods that will do a good job and that are proper for you and your home.

Here are 5 cleaning myths where you can press the “delete” button. We provide cleaning services for the Upper Valley and there are plenty of Upper Valley cleaning myths.

Here are the five that we hear most often and our response.

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