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Home Cleaning - The Perfect GiftHow to Buy the Perfect Gift!

Home Cleaning

Is gift buying overwhelming for you?  Do you feel as if your gifts lack the value and thoughtfulness they should?  Buying the right gift is simpler than you think. The number one rule to buying the perfect gift is to listen. Planning is a close second.
One mistake people make is trying to follow the Golden Rule when buying gifts.  Buying something “you would like” for someone else is not always the best idea.  You need to listen to the person you are thinking about. This way you will gain special insights into a thoughtful gift for them.

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Commercial Cleaning - Cost BenefitOffice Cleaning and Building Maintenance

When it comes to a business the impression people have of the pride you display in how your office or building is maintained is a big factor in your success.
A clean and well maintained building indicates success and a messy and poorly maintained building or office suggests otherwise.

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Cleaning Company - Micro Managing - Do Not EnterA Letter to Facilities Managers

Advice on How to Maximize Cleaning Company Effectiveness

Managers should always be watchful when it comes to productivity and this is valid for company employees as well as subcontractors such as your cleaning company. When productivity declines the manager feels the heat.

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Dusting Furniture

Dusting our furniture is an important task that many of us know we should do, but do not take the time to accomplish.  Cleaning, in general, tends to be one of tasks many of our customers leave as one of their last priorities.  That is why they enlist our services to perform the task.  This does not mean that they do not think it is important.  It is just after a hard day of work and other “have to dos”, they do not want to come home and yet take on one more additional task.  This being said, dusting is not a task that should be ignored in your household.  It can lead to problems that may not have crossed your mind. 

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Cleaning Your Dirty Office

Overflowing trash cans, corners of collecting dust bunnies, and dirty, stained floors can harm your business.  

Although many business owners may worry about their appearance, that is only one part of the big picture to promoting a successful business front. How your business location looks to prospective clients can arguably be just as important as how you and your business look doing it.  Hiring a cleaning company and cleaning your dirty office can help relieve you from one more task that is needed in your busy business day.

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Home Cleaning Services Costs

First off we want to make it fair to all concerned. We also want the home owner to feel that they have received fair value for money. However, there are some factors that result in some variation in the pricing.

Here is some insight into how we would price a home cleaning.

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