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Selecting A Home Cleaning ServiceA common approach to selecting a home cleaning service is to request bids from two or more home cleaning service providers. Each submits a price and proposal and you – the home owner – select the winner.
In many cases, the home owner selects the lowest bidder. However, in some instances it may be wiser to choose another bidder – one that is not the lowest.
It may be wiser to select one of the middle bids or even a top bid if you believe you will get better quality, a better cleaning schedule or perhaps a better overall experience based on what you learn from talking with references and your own gut instincts. 

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Cleaning Service Impact - A Clean VisionCleaning Service Price and Value

Price and value do not always correlate. In addition, budgets are important and it is always a good idea to maximize the impact of your investments. This is true when it comes to maximizing the impact of your cleaning budget.


Here are some tips to get the most out of your cleaning service budget.

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Home Cleaning Services Costs

First off we want to make it fair to all concerned. We also want the home owner to feel that they have received fair value for money. However, there are some factors that result in some variation in the pricing.

Here is some insight into how we would price a home cleaning.

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