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Commercial Cleaning - Cost BenefitOffice Cleaning and Building Maintenance

When it comes to a business the impression people have of the pride you display in how your office or building is maintained is a big factor in your success.
A clean and well maintained building indicates success and a messy and poorly maintained building or office suggests otherwise.

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Professional Cleaning ServiceThere are many benefits to using a professional cleaning service versus doing home cleaning yourself.
The first step to a healthy and fun-to-live-in home is to ensure that it is clean and tidy. Thus means regular cleaning. Family and work obligations may make it difficult for people to find the time to give their home a thorough, regular cleaning.
With ongoing cleaning maintenance from a professional cleaning service, a home’s surfaces will be properly vacuumed, dusted, cleaned and disinfected.

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Cleaning Service Impact - A Clean VisionCleaning Service Price and Value

Price and value do not always correlate. In addition, budgets are important and it is always a good idea to maximize the impact of your investments. This is true when it comes to maximizing the impact of your cleaning budget.


Here are some tips to get the most out of your cleaning service budget.

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Cleaning Company - Micro Managing - Do Not EnterA Letter to Facilities Managers

Advice on How to Maximize Cleaning Company Effectiveness

Managers should always be watchful when it comes to productivity and this is valid for company employees as well as subcontractors such as your cleaning company. When productivity declines the manager feels the heat.

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Dusting Furniture

Dusting our furniture is an important task that many of us know we should do, but do not take the time to accomplish.  Cleaning, in general, tends to be one of tasks many of our customers leave as one of their last priorities.  That is why they enlist our services to perform the task.  This does not mean that they do not think it is important.  It is just after a hard day of work and other “have to dos”, they do not want to come home and yet take on one more additional task.  This being said, dusting is not a task that should be ignored in your household.  It can lead to problems that may not have crossed your mind. 

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