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Upper Valley Cleaning - Tips for Selecting the Right ServiceTips for Choosing an Upper Valley Cleaning Service

Be sure to do your homework when deciding upon an Upper Valley cleaning service. Here are some tips for you to consider before making your decision.

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Upper Valley Cleaning MythsUpper Valley Cleaning Myths

We’ve all heard our fair share of cleaning myths over the years.  Myths can come from people we know well or they can be passed around like “old wives tales” and live on as myths just by being retold and passed along.

These myths may come in the form of tips – it could be a tip from your best friend who swears by her special DIY shower cleaner. It could be a tip from the woman down the street who insists that you can’t clean a bathroom without using bleach.

A Clean Vision always does research on cleaning products and methods. We use cleaning products and methods that will do a good job and that are proper for you and your home.

Here are 5 cleaning myths where you can press the “delete” button. We provide cleaning services for the Upper Valley and there are plenty of Upper Valley cleaning myths.

Here are the five that we hear most often and our response.

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Upper Valley Cleaning - Satisfy the Neat Freak3 Reason Why an Upper Valley Cleaning Service Makes Sense

Upper Valley Cleaning Service

Everyone should be a bit frugal but the question may arise – frugal about what? You could be frugal with your praise of others – if they deserve praise then this is not so good. You could be frugal with your money – this is wise.

You could be frugal with your time – this is important – and time will be the focus of this post.

Being frugal about your time may mean it makes great sense to hire an Upper Valley cleaning service. It’s worth it to pay for housekeeping if you view your time as valuable.

Here’s why.

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5 Benefits to You When You Hire a House Cleaning Service

Benefits of Professional Home CleaningAccording to some surveys, American adults spend between 10 and 15 hours a week doing household chores. That’s not quite part-time job territory, but it’s pretty close!

If you’re time-crunched and have always longed to ditch the duster to spend more time on other things, then it may be time to hire some house cleaning help.

Here are 5 benefits of using a house cleaning service.

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Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air QualityClean Carpets Translate into Cleaner Indoor Air

A Clean Vision Carpet Cleaning Services

Few people would equate clean carpets with cleaner indoor air, but it certainly can help. It’s actually gravity and the trapping of particles that has the positive affect on your indoor air quality.

When you clean the carpets it removes what has been trapped inside them and keeps the air clean. Therefore, gravity, carpets and carpet cleaning have a very positive affect on the end result of your indoor air quality.

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Do You Rent Out Your Home or Condo?

Quechee, Vermont Home Cleaning

Many residents of Quechee rent out their homes or condos. In addition, people who stay a week or so for a vacation have so many activities and things to do. Quechee – what a wonderful place for a vacation. Someone visiting Quechee can hike, bike, play tennis or golf or visit the new pool at the Quechee Club and much more.

Quechee Home Cleaning

The Quechee community is made up of families with small children as well as a retired contingent. Families with small children need some help cleaning up and retired people do too! If you own a rental unit in Quechee and make it available for family and friends or rent it out, then cleaning becomes a necessity – it is one of the ideal items on your checklist when you rent or loan out your home or condo.

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Keeping Your Home CleanCleaning Habits to Make Your Home Sparkle

Keeping Your Home Clean

Sometimes we have habits that can make things harder for us. However, we can also use habits to our advantage. Here are some home cleaning habits that can help to make your home sparkle.

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